HISA Research Symposim – Friday, 12/9

History and American Studies Symposium

University of Mary Washington – Department of History and American Studies

Friday, December 9, 2016


SESSION ONE. 9:00 AM. Monroe 210 – Gender and Immigration in U.S. History
Moderator: Jeff McClurken

Katelynn Matragrano – “‘Serial Killers, Gender, and the Media! Oh My!’: How Media Coverage of Jane Toppan and H.H. Holmes Differed Based on Gender”

Jamie Battles – “Review of Immigration Reform During the Progressive Era of the United States: The Futile Dillingham Commission”

Malin Serifs – “A Long, Long Way to Go: Gender Discrimination in Employment in the United States from the 1960s to the 1980s”


SESSION TWO. 9 AM. Monroe 211 – Of King Arthur and Carolingian Counts

Moderator: Susan Fernsebner

Gunnar Gardner – “Arthurus, Rex Quondam, Rex Futurus: Unveiling the Historical Arthur”

Maximilian Starr – Carolingian Counts: A Regional Approach to Their Increased Autonomy during the Eight to Eleventh Centuries”


SESSION THREE. 9 AM. Monroe 111 – Topics in Early American and British History
Moderator: Allyson Poska

Jennafer Payne-Hall“British Accusations against Native Americans During the French and Indian War”

Kevin Sullivan – “Aruba, Jamaica, I Don’t Wanna Take Ya: Economic Causes of the British Abolition of Slavery, 1776-1807”


SESSION FOUR. 10:00 AM. Monroe 211 – The State, Propaganda, and Memory in Mao’s China

Moderator: Porter Blakemore

Catherine Liberty – “‘Pessimism is wrong’: A Critical Analysis of State Sponsored Visual and Verbal Culture during China’s Great Leap Forward”

Shannon Keene – “‘What’s Done Cannot be Undone’: An Understanding of the View of the Chinese Government by Former Red Guards Through an Analysis of Red Guard Memoirs”


SESSION FIVE. 10 AM. Monroe 111 – Legends and Myths of 19th Century U.S. History

Moderator: Jason Sellers

Callie Morgan – “The Donner Party Legend”

Jeffrey Conger – “Custer’s Last Stand: The Myth and Memory of the Battle of Little Bighorn


SESSION SIX. 11:00 AM. Monroe 210 – Gender, Text, and Identity

Moderator: Will Mackintosh

Megan Connor  – “Royal Midwives, Manuals, and the Creation of the ‘Ideal’ Midwife in Seventeenth-Century Europe”

Andrew Muchnick – “Agency Building and Identity Formation: Abigail Levy Franks’ Negotiation of Gender and Commerce in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Economy”


SESSION SEVEN. 11 AM. Monroe 211 – Topics in U.S. History and American Studies

Moderator: Erin Devlin

Nicholas Houff – “Pearl Harbor: The Event that Triggered 60 Years of Prior Prejudice”

Philip Bordone  – “Cartoon Warfare: The Cold War in Political Cartoons 1949-1964”

Julia Peterson – “How To Get Away With Stereotypes: An Analysis of Tropes of Gay Asian American Men and the Character Oliver Hampton”


12-1 pm LUNCH


SESSION EIGHT. 1 PM. Monroe 210 – Photography and the Press in American History

Moderator: Krystyn Moon

Ethan Tobin – “Knights of the Pen: The Politicization of News Coverage at the Battle of Fredericksburg”

Kristen Lambert – “Photographs as Propaganda: Selling the Success of Native American Boarding Schools”

Courtney Squires – “Lewis Hine: The Impact of Social Photography on Child Labor Laws in the United States”


SESSION NINE. 1 PM. Monroe 211 – New Looks at Military History

Moderator: Claudine Ferrell

Andrew Steele – “Constancy or Cowardice? The Trial and Execution of Admiral Byng”

Kelly Haynes – “I’ve Already Been to Hell: American POWs in Berga Concentration Camp”

Natalie Griffitts – “Accommodation or Collaboration: Examining Policy and Life in France During World War II”


SESSION TEN. Monroe 111 – 20th Century Global Topics
Moderator: Nabil Al-Tikriti

Dakota Thompson – “The Effect on Changing Missionary Work on Relief During the Armenian Genocide”

Courtney Burrows – “Expression Under Repression: Women Producing Arpilleras in Pinochet’s Chile”

Eric Sundberg – “Alfabetizacion es Liberacion: the Role of Education and Literacy in Sandinista Nicaragua”


HISA Research Symposium – Friday, 4/22

History and American Studies Symposium

University of Mary Washington – Department of History and American Studies
Friday, April 22, 2015

Senior thesis and digital history project presentations. All are welcome!


SESSION ONE. 9 AM. Monroe 210— Race and Ethnicity in American Life

Moderator:  Dr. Porter Blakemore

Ashlyn Dacey—Domestic Violence on Indian Reservations in the United States

Shannon Ball—“Woman Must Have Her Freedom”: Birth Control Activism as Viewed Through The Birth Control Review and the Influence of Margaret Sanger

Lila Spitz—The Depiction of African Americans in Six High School United States History Textbooks from the 1980s and the Early 2000s


SESSION TWO. 9 AM. Monroe 111—Representations of Women in History

Moderator: Dr. Will Mackintosh

Francesca Dinger—Sky High Standards: Female Flight Attendants of the 1960s

Carolyn Ann Kowalewski—From Wives to Public Conduct: Protestant Reformer’s Views on Women in the Sixteenth Century

Ashley Jenkins—Portrayal of Republican Era Chinese Women in Popular Culture


SESSION THREE. 10 AM. Monroe 210—20th Century German History

Moderator: Dr. Susan Fernsebner

Dana Baumgartner—Jugend Dient Dem Fuerher: Growing Up in the Hitler Youth

Zach Young—The German Nuclear Program: How Germany’s Technological Progress Failed to Produce the Atomic Bomb

Kathleen MacIndoe—The Forgotten Faces of Operation Valkyrie


SESSION FOUR. 10 AM. Monroe 111— Forging and Breaking Social and Economic Bonds in Times of War and Peace

Moderator: Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Victoria Bond—Captivity and Native American Customs during the Seven Years War

Corey Dyke—Under Siege: The Struggle to Form and Maintain Allegiances in the American Civil War

Lydia Hope Jones—The Demise of a Town with Promise: A Comparative Look at the Towns of Dumfries and Alexandria and Their Varied Responses to Colonial Pressures


SESSION FIVE. 11 AM. Monroe 210—Women in American History and Contemporary Life

Moderator: Dr. Bruce O’Brien

Mercia Spicer—Choosing to Stay: Seeking to Understand the Choices of Women Captives

Mary Fesak—“The Ideals of Pine Mountain”: Gender, Progressive Thought, and the Built Environment at Pine Mountain Settlement School


SESSION SIX. 11 AM. Monroe 111—Cultures of Food and Sports in American History

Moderator: Dr. Claudine Ferrell

Jenna Williams—“It’s Going, Going, Gone”: The Policies and History Surrounding Cuban Baseball Defections in the 1990s

Elizabeth Eiseman—Lacrosse the Nation: How Sport Benefits Native Americans

Peyton Brown—Big on the Pig: Pork Culture and Barbecue Culture in North Caroline History


SESSION SEVEN. 1 PM. Monroe 111—Representations of Sexuality and Gender Relations

Moderator: Dr. Jeff McClurken

Emily Bostaph—Stuck in Their Ways: The Portrayal of Homosexuality in Popular Sitcoms and News Segments from the 1950s to the Late 1980s

Bailey Ivancic—“Are You Popular?” The Depiction of Women in Postwar Social Guidance Films

Megan Rebennack—Feminist Reading on Amy Schumer


SESSION EIGHT. 1PM. Monroe 210—Explorations in Late Antique, Byzantine, and Medieval European History

Moderator: Dr. Steven E. Harris

Barry Lucero II—Constantine: The Driving Force of a Christian Revolution?

Edward Harold Scheirer III—Ideal Kingship and the Legitimacy of the Anglo-Saxon State

Shane Carlson—Early Byzantine and Arab Naval Organizations, 655 CE-717 CE


SESSION NINE. 1PM. Monroe 211—War and Nationalism in Colonial America and the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Moderator: Dr. Jason Sellers

Heidi Scanlon—King Philip’s War: The Attack on Medfield

Megan Bannon—Pioneer Farmer: An Analysis of George Washington’s Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Practices at Mount Vernon

Jake Rieder– Nationalism and the Fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire


SESSION TEN. 2 PM. Monroe 111—Narratives of Exclusion and Inclusion in American History

Moderator: Dr. Krystyn Moon

Shannon Green—AIDS: A Catalyst for Queer Representation in the Media

Daniel Webb—Is It Because I’m Black: The 1939 Alexandria Library Sit-In and Its Effects on the Civil Rights Movement

Marie Clifford—Reinterpreting the Civil War: Creating a Narrative with the Voices of Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans at National Park Service Sites


SESSION ELEVEN. 2 PM. Monroe 210—Adventures in Digital History Project Presentations

Moderator: Dr. McClurken

3D Scans from the James Monroe Museum

Mary C. Fesak

Jonathan A. Hernandez

Lila B. Spitz


The Slaughter-Murray Papers

Kimberly A. Carbajo

Matthew R. Gaughan

Kathleen M. MacIndoe

Brexton L. O’Donnell


History of the ITCC/Hurley Convergence Center

Jonathon A. Baker

Andrew B. Boswell

Marissa I. Feldman

Andrew C. Steele


Diary of Civil War Soldier Stephen Gordon

Michael C. Black

Catherine A. Liberty

Alexander C. Privitt

James T. Stewart


History & American Studies Department Symposium – Friday, 12/4

Our History and American Studies Symposium is this Friday, December 4. Students will be presenting their senior theses on a variety of topics. All are welcome to attend! The full schedule follows below:

University of Mary Washington
Department of History and American Studies Symposium – Friday, December 4
Monroe 210 and 11
9 am – 3 pm


SESSION ONE. 9 AM. Monroe 210 – Military History
Moderator: Dr. Susan Fernsebner

Benjamin Allen – “The Greatest Battle Never Told: The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1918”

David Hommer – “How the Wehrmacht Command Structure and Organization Ensured German Victory in the Battle of France, 1940”

Katie Mayo – “‘Keep mum… she’s not so dumb!’: Gender Roles and Female Allied Intelligence Agents in World War II”


SESSION TWO. 9 AM. Monroe 111 – Local and Global Histories
Moderator: Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Brexton O’Donnell – “The Safavid Transformation: Religion and Power in Fifteenth-Century Persia”

David Wright – “Slavery’s Evolution: Sudanese Slavery, Nineteenth-Century to Today”

Allison O’Connor – “The Role of Irish Immigration on American Urban Politics and the Evolution of the Democratic Party”


SESSION THREE. 10 AM. Monroe 210 – East Asian Cinema and Visual Culture as History
Moderator: Dr. Porter Blakemore

Mia Serpas – “The Politics of Entertainment: Portrayals of Inter-Korean Conflict in South Korean Film, 1955-Present”

Alli Leibowitz – “On the Ground vs. On Display: Women’s Experience during the Cultural Revolution”

Jasmine Garner – “In the Name of the Moon, I Will Punish You: Girl Power, Gender, and Sexuality in Sailor Moon


SESSION FOUR. 10 AM. Monroe 111 – Selected Papers in US History
Moderator: Dr. Allyson Poska

Mareta Bailey – “Catholic Conversion and its Effects on the Iroquois and Huron Marital, Familial and Sexual Practices”

Zach White – “The Short-Lived Popularity of the Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania Quakers”

Kimberly Humphries – “‘Sounds like a Spy Story’: The Espionage Thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock in Twentieth-Century English and American Society, from The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) to Topaz (1969)”


SESSION FIVE. 11 AM. Monroe 210 – Topics in U.S. History
Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey McClurken

Nate Levine – “Law and Risk in Nineteenth-Century America: The Farwell Case”

Zoe Page – “Women of the Civil War: Female Soldiers and Spies”

Phillip Buterbaugh – “Uplifting Hampton, Virginia:  Harris and Janie Porter Barrett’s Contributions to Saving the Race during the Nadir of African American History (1865-1915)”


SESSION SIX. 11 AM. Monroe 111 – European History: Crusades, Class, and Gender
Moderator: Dr. Jess Rigelhaupt

Patrick Ammirati – “Piety or Booty: The Reason for the Early Crusades”

Abigail Fleming – “Living through the Black Death: How Access to Resources Affected Class Survival”

Imani Tinter – “Intelligent Women? Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Italian Humanists on Women’s Intellectual Capacity”


Noon – Lunch Break


SESSION SEVEN. 1 PM. Monroe 210 – 20th Century Topics in U.S. History and American Studies
Moderator: Dr. Krystyn Moon

Rachael Piazza – “Wireless Communication System Failure on Board the Titanic”

Grace May – “‘If all these revelations make Me lose my simple faith in dinner!’: Public Reaction to The Jungle


SESSION EIGHT. 1 PM. Monroe 111. – Selected Papers in U.S. and Soviet History
Moderator: Dr. Steven Harris

Tyler Houston – “Birth of the American Penitentiary System” (Mackintosh)

Michael DeVito – “The Evolution of American Nuclear Weapons Strategy from 1945-1963” (Blakemore)

Brooke Tyrrell – “The Long Journey Back: Gulag Prisoners’ Reintegration into Soviet Society” (Harris)


SESSION NINE. 2 PM. Monroe 210 – Mid-Century U.S. History & American Studies: Cold War, Counter-Culture, and Food Deserts

Moderator: Dr. Jason Sellers

Brandon Altamirano – “Guatemala in 1954”

Alexander Privitt – “Ellis, D and LSD: Dock Ellis, the Counterculture Movement, and Major League Baseball In the 1970s”

Sharon Curd – “Food Deserts and Urban Farming in 21st Century American Cities”