Fall 2023 Symposium – 12/8 – All Welcome!

History and American Studies Symposium

University of Mary Washington – December 8, 2023

Monroe 111 and 210


SESSION ONE. Monroe 210. 9 AM—Hot & Cold Wars: Experience, Opinion, Critiques
Moderator: Dr. Susan Fernsebner

Gavin Leonard, “Alfred Duff Cooper, Anti-interventionism, and Interventionism: American Public Opinion from 1939 to 1941”

Thomas Knight, “Letters and Diary Writing of the Pacific War”

Morgan Kelley, “Secrets, Soviets, and Sverdlovsk: Critiques of the Biological Weapons Program and Biosecurity in the 1970s and 1980s”


SESSION TWO. Monroe 111. 9 AM—Colonialism, Identity, and Conflict: Historical Perspectives Moderator – Dr. Will Mackintosh

Ryan Llufrio – “An Analysis on the Armeno Tatar War in Baku and The Origins Behind Today’s Armenian-Azerbaijan Conflict”

Justin Henle – “Colonial Conundrum: France’s Authoritarianism and the Algerian War”


SESSION THREE. Monroe 210. 10 AM– Papers in US and Global History: Newspapers, Literature, and Song

Moderator: Dr. Erin Krutko Devlin

Lilia Vanderhoof – “The Image of Andrew Jackson: The Role of Newspapers in the Representation of Andrew Jackson”

Brandon Rojas – “Revolution Rejuvenated: The Song of Youth and its Uniqueness and Continuations”

Karla Perez – “The Emergence and Evolution of Contemporary Christian Music in the United States”


SESSION FOUR. Monroe 111. 10 AM—Constructions of Power: Three Studies

Moderator: Dr. Claudine Ferrell

Garrett Welch – “Connecting Inquisition: The Missing Step needed in the Study of Ecclesiastical Inquisition”

Lance Hungar – “From Goths to Romans? Changing Conceptions of Visigothic Kingship in the Reigns of Leovigild and Reccared”

Kyle Khan – “Centers of the Court: Water Gardens of Zahiruddin Muhammad Babur”


SESSION FIVE. Monroe 210. 11 AM–-Selected Papers in American Studies and History.

Moderator: Dr. Krystyn Moon

Jacob Martin – “The Establishment of Fort A.P. Hill and its Effects on Residents in a Rural Community”

Taymar Gorelick – “Unveiling Her Legacy: Examining the Contributions of Female Activists in Birmingham, 1963”

Christian Zapatero – “Army Regulations No. 600-45 & The Medal of Honor: From Theory to Practice”


SESSION SIX. Monroe 111. 11 AM—Topics: ‘Moral Treatment’, The American Indian Movement, and Another Look at Standards of Learning

Moderator: Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

RJ Davis – “John M. Galt’s ‘Moral Treatment’ at America’s First Mental Institution”

Kendell Jenkins – “The American Indian Movement and Their Role in Crafting the Future of Freedom”

Teresa Felipe – “Teaching the Vietnam War: A ‘Band-Aid’ to Assist Teachers”