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Department Chair

Claudine Ferrell
Professor and Department Chair
American Legal and Constitutional History, African-American History, U.S. and Vietnam, 20th-century U.S.
Monroe 217 / 540-654-1476 / cferrell@umw.edu



Nabil Al-Tikriti
Ottoman History, Modern Iraq, and Human Rights
Monroe 219 / 540-654-1481 / naltikri@umw.edu

Erin Devlin
Associate Professor and American Studies Program Director
American Studies, Public History, US Race Relations
Monroe 231 / 540-654-1480 / edevlin@umw.edu

Susan R. Fernsebner
Modern China and East Asia, History of Childhood, Colonialism
Monroe 227 / 540-654-1473 / sfernseb@umw.edu

Steven E. Harris
Modern Russia, Europe, and the Second World
Monroe 215 / 540-654-1390 / sharris@umw.edu

Will B. Mackintosh
Associate Professor
Early America, Early Republic and Antebellum U.S. History
Monroe 230 / 540-654-1474 / wmackint@umw.edu

Jeffrey McClurken
Professor and Chief of Staff / Clerk of the BOV, Office of the President
Nineteenth Century U.S. History, Gender, Families, Mental Institutions, Technology, Digital History
Monroe 228 / 540-654-1475 /  jmcclurk@umw.edu

Krystyn Moon
History of U.S. Immigration, Ethnicity, Popular Culture
Monroe 225 / 540-654-1479 / kmoon@umw.edu

Troy Paino
President, University of Mary Washington
Professor of American Studies, Affiliated Faculty

Jason Sellers
Associate Professor
Colonial U.S History
Monroe 218 / 540-654-1471 / jseller4@umw.edu


Emeriti Faculty

Porter Blakemore
Associate Professor (emeritus)
Military History, European Diplomatic History, Modern Germany

William B. Crawley, Jr.
Distinguished Professor and Visitor’s Chair (emeritus)
U.S. History, History of the South

Bruce O’Brien
British Isles, Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Europe

Allyson Poska
History of Spain and Latin America, Gender and Social History