History and American Studies Symposium–Friday, April 30

History and American Studies Symposium

University of Mary Washington – Department of History and American Studies
Friday, April 30, 2021. All sessions will be on zoom.


SESSION ONE. 9 AM—Court Politics and Education in Medieval Europe and the Ottoman Empire

Moderator: Dr. Erin Devlin

Nic Ford, “Education in Medieval Europe: Influences, People, and Institutions”

Dalton Harley Coffey, “Capitularies of the Carolingian Period and their Impact on Carolingian Governance”

Jean-Pierre Maldonado, “The Spanish Monarchy: Campanella’s Blueprint for World Empire laid out by the Ottoman Sultanate”

SESSION TWO. 9 AM—New Perspectives on Totalitarianism and the Holocaust

Moderator: Dr. Krystyn Moon

Grace Corkran, “Between Life and Death: Pregnancy, Abortion, and Childbirth in the Nazi Concentration Camps”

Leslie Ortega, “Totalitarian Rivalry: Comparing Hitler’s and Stalin’s Leadership Styles”


SESSION THREE. 10 AM—Intersections of History and Politics in China and Taiwan

Moderator: Dr. Claudine Ferrell

Kimberly Sak, “‘Children are the Future Masters of our Nation’: A Contextual Study of the 1949 film Wanderings of Three Hairs the Orphan

Alexander Moses, “Taiwanese Poetry through The White Terror”

Brooke Robertson, “Technology and Revolution: The 2014 Umbrella Movement”


SESSION FOUR. 10 AM—International and Transnational Histories of Education

Moderator:  Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Ashley Frey, “American Public Education in an International Context”

David Strobach, “The Sandinista Literacy Campaign”

Autumn Young, “The Central American Educational Experience in Northern Virginia”


SESSION FIVE. 10 AM—Explorations in American Military History

Moderator:  Dr. Bruce O’Brien

Nicholas Bass, “The Battle of Fredericksburg 1862: The Leadership Faults of the Northern Army”

Erin Lundy, “A Reinvestigation of Andersonville’s Commandant: Captain Henry Wirz”

Kaylee Williams, “Female Introduction to The United States Armed Forces”


SESSION SIX. 11 AM—Race Relations in the United States in the 20th Century

Moderator: Dr. Allyson Poska

Mitchell Clark, “The ‘Great War’ in the United States, 1917: The East St. Louis and Houston Race Riots”

Tory Martin, “Sports Radio Broadcasts, Integration, and The Rise of Jackie Robinson”

Jessica Lynch, “Interrupt the status quo”: How Black Lives Matter Changed American Museums (ED) AMST


SESSION SEVEN. 11 AM—Immigration and War in Colonial American History

Moderator: Dr. Porter Blakemore

Tessa Lee, “Scottish Emigration to North Carolina, 1746-1776”

Alexander Marshall, “The War of the Regulators: Revolutionary?”


SESSION EIGHT. 1 PM—American Culture and Politics, Past and Present

Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey McClurken

Tori Bridges, “Bonnie and Clyde: Revolutionizing Hollywood Studios: In Revelation to 1960s American Society”

Kimberly Eastridge, “The LEGO Company and Gender Segregated Products”

Jaelynn Scott, “The 1943 Race Riots: How News Coverage Changes Across Racial Perspectives”


SESSION NINE. 1PM—Histories of High Politics, Presidential Campaigns, and Cold War Diplomatic Relations

Moderator: Dr. Susan Fernsebner

Michael Altemose, “Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt as Leaders during World War”

Karl Jessen, “Summits in America: US-Soviet Foreign Relations Throughout the Cold War”

Emma Monaghan, “Reception of Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 Presidential Bid”


SESSION TEN. 2 PM—Cultural Histories of Clothing, Court Politics, and the Occult in World History

Moderator: Dr. Jason Sellers

Robert Keitz, “The Ottoman Occult: A Look at the Culture of the Elite”

Ethan Knick, “America’s Garment: The Material Culture of Hunting Shirts in the 18th and 19th Centuries”

Ashley Russell, “Fashion, Politics, and Marie Antoinette”


SESSION ELEVEN. 2PM—Forgotten Histories and (Mis)remembering the Past: World War II and the Global Effects of Iodized Salt

Moderator Dr. Will Mackintosh

Emily Johnson, “Nation-Building in Newspapers: A Comparison of Lithuanian and Ukrainian Ethnic Newspapers in America, 1940-1953”

Michael Silberstein, “Iodized Salt as a Supplement and Prophylaxis: A Forgotten Gift to the World”

Megan Williams, “The Enola Gay Controversy Through the Media: A Look into How the Airforce Magazine, The Washington Post, and Washington Times Shaped This Controversy”