Fall 2024 Courses

Postcard of Monroe Hall, 1930-1945

Monroe Hall postcard, ca. 1930-1945, via Boston Public Library

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Spring ’24 Course Flyers

Registration time has arrived and the course catalog is available for Spring ’24!

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HIST 142 Asian Civ 2 Flyer

HIST 142: Asian Civilizations II

HIST 300D2 Africa since 1800

HIST 300D2: Africa since 1800


HIST 300-B3: Native American History since 1890

HIST 300-D4: The Soviet Century

HIST 300D4–The Soviet Century

HIST 310 Urban History

HIST 310:
Urban History

HIST 324 Chinese Cinema

HIST 324: Chinese History through Film (online)

HIST 368 Gender in Chinese History Flyer

HIST 368: Gender in Chinese History

HIST 390 The United States and Vietnam

HIST 390: The United States and Vietnam

HIST 444 American Slavery

HIST 444: American Slavery



HIST 468 Stalinism flyer

HIST 468: Stalinism

HIST 337 -- Medieval Islamic Civilization Flyer

HIST 337 — Medieval Islamic Civilization

HIST 338 From Mongols to Ottomans Flyer

HIST 338 – From Mongols to Ottomans

HIST 471 Problems in Genocide Studies Flyer

HIST 471 – Problems in Genocide Studies

Congratulations to our Graduates!

Group portrait of graduating students with Dr. Allyson Poska


The Department of History & American Studies is delighted to congratulate our graduating majors. We were happy to toast them at our reception on May 5th. We also shared news of this year’s awards:

Almont Lindsey Award for Excellence in History: Katrina Smith
Glen R. Thomas Award for Highest GPA in American Studies: Tyler Carnohan
Joseph Carroll Vance Award for Excellence in Historical Research: Madeleine Gulbransen and Elizabeth Rybarczyk
Phi Alpha Theta Award for Highest GPA in History: Lyndsey Clark
Willie Lee Rose Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership: Delaney Dunnigan

Departmental Honors were also awarded to:
Laura Baldwin, Lyndsey Clark, Helen Dhue, Madeleine Gulbransen, Cegan Hinson (Class of ’24), Andrew Hudgins, and Elizabeth Rybarczyk

Cheers to all awardees and to all Class of ’23 graduates!

Talking History: Dr. Gaila Sims of the Fredericksburg Area Museum (3/21, 12:30 pm)

Talking History — Dr. Rebecca Erbelding of the U.S. Holocaust Museum (2/22, noon)

Internship: National Guard Memorial Museum


Looking to build experience working in a museum? Interested in US history?

The National Guard Memorial Museum is once offering a museum internship opportunity for undergraduate and graduate-level students interested in American and military history. Information can be found on the website at the link below.

Internship Opportunities – NGEF

Image: National Guard ‘Coming of Age’ Gallery

History & American Studies Club Meeting – Wed, 9/7, 6 pm

History & American Studies Club Meeting Wednesday, September 7th, 6 pm, Monroe 212