Rosalyn Cooperman

Ph.D., Vanderbilt UniversityRosalyn Cooperman Photo

Areas of Specialization:

  • American Politics
  • Congress
  • Women and Politics

Scholarly Achievements: Recipient of the American Political Science Association’s Jack L. Walker Outstanding Article Award for 2012.  The award honors a paper published within the last two years that contributes to the discipline’s understanding of political organizations and parties. Book chapters and articles on Congress and women and politics, including a chapter, “The Gender Gap in the House of Representatives,” in Congress Reconsidered . Principal Investigator (with Richard Herrera, John C. Green, and Geoffrey Layman) for the 2004 Convention Delegate Study. Their article, “Party Polarization, Party Commitment, and Conflict Extension among American Party Activists”, was accepted for publication by the American Political Science Review. Co-authored article with Samantha Bradshaw (UMW ’10) entitled “Where Are the Women? Women as Candidates in the Republican Party of Virginia”  will appear in the 2011 edition of the Virginia Social Science Journal. Invited to participate as a panelist at the New Research on Gender in Political Psychology conference to be held in March 2011 at the Center for American Women in Politics, Eagleton Institute, at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.


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