CAS Curriculum Committee Information

2020-2021 Committee Chair:

Professor Eric Gable, Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Please follow the guidelines listed below and the procedures appropriate to the action you are seeking from the CAS Curriculum Committee at the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) website.  Adherence to these procedures will allow the CAS Curriculum Committee to act quickly on your proposal and/or to identify problems that will require corrective action prior to final consideration.  The goal of these procedures is to shorten the time between submission and decision. The Committee will return for revision any proposal that does not follow the established format and guidelines.

Timely submission: All materials must be received by the CAS Curriculum Committee chair one week prior to a scheduled meeting.  Please email materials to the CAS Curriculum Committee chair.

To sync its work with the University Curriculum Committee and the University Faculty Council, the CAS Curriculum Committee will be meeting on the following days:

  • September 9th  – Proposals due September 4th
  • October 7th – Proposals due September 30th
  • November 25th – Proposals due November 18th
  • February 26th – Proposals due February 19th
  • March 30th – Proposals due March 23rd

 Academic Catalog: The last meeting to propose a change for the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar is the November 2019 meeting of the CAS Curriculum Committee. Since the Committee often has questions and recommended corrections or changes, it is suggested that any curriculum proposal seeking to be effective for 2020-2021 should be placed before the committee prior to its meeting in October.

updated 9/24/19

Format: UPDATED 11/12/14

  • All documents FOR EACH ACTION should be submitted in a SINGLE word or PDF file with an appropriate file name. This would include the Department or Program name, course number (as appropriate), and the type of curricular action.
  • An electronic signature on all cover sheets is preferred, but the Department Chair’s name typed in this space indicates that the proposal was submitted with the department’s approval.
  • Please DO NOT send scanned PDF documents.

Special Majors: The CAS Curriculum Committee has revised the special major instructions and forms and all proposals must use the new form.