A Roundtable on the Implication of the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan

At the end of August 2021, US forces withdrew from Afghanistan ending a twenty-year presence in that country. Scholars and analysts have praised and criticized the move in equal measure. As we try to make sense of the events, a host of questions emerge: Why did the US withdraw from Afghanistan? Is this a good policy decision for the US? What does the decision mean for Afghanistan? What does it mean for the countries in its neighborhood? What impact will the withdrawal likely have on the Biden administration? The speakers on the panel will address these and other related questions. When: 4-5:30 pm on Thursday, September 23 2021 Where: On Zoom. Youtube recording of the event! Flyer for the event! … [Read more...]

Professor Singh Works with Northern Virginia Conservation Trust

Dr. Singh, associate professor of political science and international affairs, has worked with NVCT to help students learn about legislative and legal strategies for conserving undeveloped land. Check out more information on UMW’s EagleEye article on Professor Singh with NVCT. … [Read more...]

PSIA Faculty Receive Jepson Fellowship and Waple Professorship

Professor Singh received a Jepson Fellowship and Professor Lester received a Waple professorship so they may pursue research projects. Professor Research … [Read more...]