Approved Minors

Approved Minors

All minors approved by the Curriculum Committee are listed in the Academic Catalog. To view the entire Academic Catalog.

All minors must adhere to these General Requirements for Minors, as approved by the College of Arts and Sciences.

The following minors have been approved for fall 2016. Students should contact the Registrar’s Office for information about declaring a minor.

Classics, Philosophy, and Religion

Contemplative Studies

Requirements: Eighteen (18) credits Three required courses: CPRD 104, CPRD 304, and PSYC 100. A minimum of three (3) electives from the following courses or any substitutes or topics courses approved by the committee, totaling a minimum of nine (9) credits, with at least six (6) credits at the 300-level.

Computer Science

Information Security

Requirements: Seventeen (17) credits – CPSC 220, CPSC 225, One of: CPSC 345, MIST 411, CPSC 414. One of: New course: MIST 444 (prerequisite: CPSC 345 or MIST 411. New course: CPSC 445,  2 (prerequisite: CPSC 345 or MIST 411). One of: CPSC 302, BUAD 464, 2 PHIL 225.


Climate Science

Requirements: Sixteen to eighteen (16-18) credits. Three required courses: GEOG 110, 325, and either GEOG 327 or EESC/GEOL 355.  Two or more electives from the following, totaling at least six (6) credits, and at least one course at the 300-level: BIOL 210; CHEM 331; EESC 210, 230, 325; GEOG 111, 245, 326; GEOL 112, 210, 325; PHYS 201