PSCI/IA Experiential Learning Requirements

The University has an Experiential Learning  General Education Requirement for BA/BS Degrees. One faculty supervised experience involving a significant experiential learning component designed to challenge students to go outside of the bounds of the typical classroom.

There are 3 ways to meet the EL requirement through Political Science/ International Affairs 

  1. URES 197 – Undergraduate Research, 1 – 3 credit hours registered in a semester for a maximum of 6 credits
  2. PS 491 – Individual Study in Political Science, 3 credit hours registered
  3. PSCI 499 – Internship, minimum of 1 credit hour registered

Note: To qualify for EL, Political Science Internships must have a final project/paper evaluated by the sponsoring faculty member

Useful links to start with:

UMW Career Services

Political Jobs

International Internships

Virginia State Government

Federal Government – Note: Students interested in working for a particular Department (e.g., State Department) should go the department – specific website. The same is true for internships with United States Senators and Representatives.

Last thoughts:
1. Start early – plan ahead for your internship and/or independent study
2. Be proactive – If you have an abiding interest that coincides with the research and/or teaching interests of a faculty member, ASK THEM about independent study and URES 197 opportunities