Airing on C-SPAN: Dr. Jeffrey McClurken’s Lecture on “Before the Battle of Fredericksburg”

The Civil War – Before the Battle of Fredericksburg
Saturday, December 8th, 6 & 10 pm – CSPAN-3

University of Mary Washington history professor Jeffrey McClurken talks about the Civil War leading up to December 1862. He discusses the political situations in the North and South, and traces changes in the Union and Confederate commands to that point in the war. Using the words of politicians, military officers, journalists, and people living in and around Fredericksburg, Virginia during that period, Professor McClurken sets the stage for the Battle of Fredericksburg, which was fought from December 11th to the 13th, 1862.

For more on the full series, see this link. ┬áDr. McClurken’s lecture was originally presented at the Fredericksburg Area Museum & Cultural Center ( on October, 16th, 2012.