Applications for 2012-2013 Departmental Scholarships now open

Each scholarship application requires a 250-word essay about why one should be considered for that scholarship. See below for more information on the individual scholarships and the application essays. Applications for the 2012-2013 school year are accepted here through Monday, April 2, 2012.

Oscar H. Darter Scholarship in History by the Class of 1940
The Oscar Darter Scholarship honors former faculty member and historian Oscar Darter and is awarded to a rising junior or senior interested in world history and who holds the high standard of achievement demonstrated by Dr. Darter.

Joseph C. Vance Memorial Scholarship in History
The Joseph Carroll Vance Scholarship honors former department chairperson and historian Joe Vance and is awarded to a rising senior who is concentrating in American history. Preference is given to those with financial need.

James Farmer Scholarship
The James Farmer Scholarship is awarded annually to a rising junior or senior major in the Department of History and American Studies. The criteria for the Farmer Scholarship, as stated by the Board of Visitors resolution establishing the award, are:

1. The recipient must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in his or her major.
2. The recipient will be “an individual who exemplifies in daily life, intended career field, and commitment of service to others the ideals espoused and practiced by Dr. James Farmer through his lifetime as one of the world’s leading advocates of human rights.”

The application for this scholarship requires you to explain why you think you would be a good candidate for the Farmer Scholarship.

Hamlin A. Caldwell, Jr. Scholarship in History
The Hamlin A. “Ham” Caldwell, Jr. Scholarship is awarded annually to a rising junior or senior major in the Department of History and American Studies. The scholarship requires:

1. The recipient have and keep an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in his or her major.
2. The recipient be an individual whose academic work and career preparation reflect the concerns Professor Caldwell expressed for social justice and environmental issues and to the free, open and intelligent discussion of public policies and legislative actions related to them.

The application for this scholarship requires you to explain your career goals and how you think your academic coursework is preparing you to participate in the discussion of public policies that touch on social justice and environmental issues.

William B. Crawley, Jr. Scholarship

The scholarship shall be awarded to a student with a declared major in history. Terms of the selection process are:

1. The recipient have at least a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 system in his or her major.

2. Special consideration shall be given to female students.

3. In the event that no applicant completely meets the above criteria, the University shall be permitted to award the scholarship to the student most closely meeting the spirit of the criteria.

Summer Research Program Call for Applications: “Negotiations and Impacts: Water Policy Across China’s Loess Plateau”

Interested in the relationship between the environment and socio-economic development? See below for info on a fully-funded summer program for undergraduates focusing on fieldwork in China and supported by the National Science Foundation and the University of Pittsburgh. All undergrads (including those beyond the U. of Pittsburgh) are eligible to apply, with juniors and non-graduating seniors strongly encouraged. Deadline: Feb 15, 2012.

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Fulbright Information Meeting – Tues 9/6, 5:00 PM

Interested in applying for a Fulbright Fellowship? Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti, campus advisor, will hold a meeting this Tuesday, September 6, at 5:00 PM in Monroe 240.

See below for more information:

Would you like to study ballet in Moscow, opera in Italy, or Flemish Renaissance painters in Belgium? Would you like to research migration patterns into Western Europe, Nile River Valley irrigation methods, mathematics in Ukraine, chess in India, or the effects of global warming on tropical rain forests in Brazil? Would you like to teach English in Turkey, Korea, India, Germany, Japan, Italy, or several other countries? These and several other possibilities exist under the Fulbright/IIE program.

If you are unsure what to do after graduation, and would like to spend next year teaching and/or conducting research abroad, consider submitting an application to the Fulbright Graduate and Research Abroad Program. This year’s national application deadline is October 17, 2011. The campus submission deadline is October 7, 2011.

This year I will first advise interested UMW Students on their applications, and will then share their application statements with our Fulbright Campus Evaluation Committee (Rosemary Jesionowski and Jessica Locke). This same committee will interview and rate each applicant for further consideration by the Institute of International Education, and Ms. Lisa Patton of the History Department will track all applicants’ application status.

UMW graduates have won 6 Fulbright grants in the past four years, which shows that it can be done. Last year, Michelle Alexander won a grant to research the effects of the Chernobyl disaster on the population of Ukraine. Previous UMW students won grants to teach English in Korea, research the justice system in Cambodia, teach English in Mexico, study the effects of climate change on Ecuador’s arachnid population, and research immigration patterns and security issues in the United Kingdom. You, too, can do it — you need only a good idea, a solid GPA, and strong recommendation letters.

Although grantees must have obtained their bachelor’s degree by the time of their award, students who are not graduating this year — as well as interested alumni — are also encouraged to attend this meeting because successful applications often require advance preparation. At the meeting I will distribute Fulbright informational materials, and discuss strategies for successful applications.

Prior to attending Tuesday’s meeting, I encourage interested students to research the Fulbright website: .


— Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Rachel Luehrs (’12) Awarded SHEAR/Mellon Summer Seminar Fellowship

History major Rachel Luehrs has been accepted to the prestigious SHEAR/Mellon Summer Seminar. This program awards ten highly competitive fellowships annually to rising college seniors who are preparing for research on their senior theses at liberal arts colleges. Students who are accepted join a summer program “dedicated to providing talented, motivated undergraduate scholars the opportunity to pursue original primary source research in some of the finest archival collections relevant to early American history.”

As a member of this program, Luehrs will travel to Philadelphia this summer to pursue her research while working under the guidance of leading historians at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Luehrs’ study focuses upon the agency of disenfranchised people such as women and African Americans during the Early Republic. Of the research she has already completed and her upcoming plans, Luehrs notes, “I have encountered many entertaining stories on how these individuals manipulated the very systems which were meant to limit them to gain a sense of power over their lives and surroundings.  Through my research in Philadelphia I plan to study what opportunities existed for women in a large northern city and for African Americans in a city which had one of the largest free African American populations.”

Dr. Will Mackintosh, who has guided Ms. Luehrs in her research thus far, will serve as her thesis advisor at the Department of History at UMW this coming fall.

Gabii Project 2011 Volunteer Field Program

The Gabii Project will again sponsor a 6-week volunteer field program for undergraduate and graduate students in 2011. Gabii is locate 18 km east of Rome Italy. The 2011 program will run from June 19 until July 30, 2011. The application deadline is February 28, 2011.


Gilder Lehrman History Scholars Program

College Sophomores and Juniors: Gilder Lehrman History Scholars Program is
open for applications. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in New York City invites college sophomores and juniors with a passion for American history, and academic excellence in the field, to contact:  Application deadline is February 15, 2011.


Historic Deerfield — Summer Fellowship Program, June 13-August 14, 2011

Historic Deerfield is offering fellowships for 6-10 undergraduates (junior or senior status) to work and study in their museums in Deerfield, Massachusetts. Application deadline: February 25, 2011. For more details, go to