History Resources

See our links below for an introduction to historical approaches, genres, and methods. Particular instruction is provided for different types of class assignments as well as leads on resources available for further guidance.


Choosing a Topic


Book Reviews


— Literature Review Guidelines
— Historiographic Clues
— Understanding Historical Perspective
— Sample Literature Review

Quotations, Footnotes, and Endnotes

— Using Quotations
— Ellipses and Brackets
— Footnotes and Endnotes
— Content Notes
— Citation Guide
— Citing Non-Print Resources


— How to Annotate
— Annotated Examples
— Journals vs. Magazines
— Citation Guide


— Understanding Plagiarism
— Historians Define Plagiarism
— Plagiarism Tutorial
— UMW Honor System

Oral Presentations

— Presentation Guidelines
— Tips for Leading Seminars
— Hints for Class Discussion
— Speaking Center

Final Papers

— Guidelines for a Research Paper
— Thesis Statements
— Library Research Plan


— How to Use Inter-Library Loan (ILL)
— Database Guide
— Guide to Online Research

General Writing Guidelines for History

— Recognizing Passive Voice
— Introduction and Conclusion
— MS Word Grammar and Spellcheck
— Writing Center

Primary Sources

— What You Need to Know
— Links to Online Primary Sources by Region