History and American Studies Symposium–April 27, 2018

History and American Studies Symposium

University of Mary Washington – Department of History and American Studies
Friday, April 27, 2018


SESSION ONE. 9 AM. Monroe 210—Gendered Histories of Romance, Revolution, and Science Fiction

Moderator: Dr. Susan Fernsebner

Sophia Gutkowski, “’Two Hearts in Counsel:’ Romantic Friendships and Female Love in Antebellum America” (KM)

Gillian Miller, “A Vessel for Change: How Revolutionary Cuba and Nicaragua Influenced Women’s Lives” (AP)

Megan Lindsey, “Powerful Women and Toxic Men: Gender Issues as Represented in Nausicaä and the Valley of the Wind and Akira” (SF)

SESSION TWO. 9 AM. Monroe 111—Revolutionary Individuals

Moderator: Dr. Porter Blakemore

Jason Gaddie, “Edmund Pendleton: The Forgotten Founder” (WM)

Brendan Helms, “Oliver Cromwell:  Hero or Villain?” (NA)

Charles Riley, “Second Man: Albert Speer and the Reich Ministry of Armament and War Production, 1942-1945” (PB)


SESSION THREE. 10 AM. Monroe 210—Religion, Homes, and Military Affairs in Ancient Roman and Late Antiquity

Moderator: Dr. Allyson Poska

Jon Metrey, “Evolution of Post-Roman Military Tactics” (BO)

Rachel Dacey, “Romano-British Villas: Elite Dwellings and Weapons of Romanization” (BO)

Annika Thiessen, “The Relationship between the Romans and the Early Christians” (BO)


SESSION FOUR. 10 AM. Monroe 211— Crimes against Humanity

Moderator:  Dr. Claudine Ferrell

Noah Zoroya, “A Tortured Path: How the French Army Came to Utilize Systemic Brutality during the French Algerian War” (NA)

Drew Mesa, “‘The Peace of the Graveyard’: Remembrance and Memorialization of Crimes Against Humanity in Colonial Southwest Africa and East Africa” (NA)

Morgan LaRowe, “Nazi Camps: The Three True Types” (PB)


SESSION FIVE. 11 AM. Monroe 210—Experiencing and Remembering the Civil War

Moderator: Dr. Jason Sellers

Jacob Huffman, “Are We Not Soldiers?: How Black Soldiers Felt about Their Treatment in the Union Army” (CF)

Ryan Simmerman, “Fact or Fiction: Biographies Written by Relatives of Civil War Generals” (JM)


SESSION SIX. 11 AM. Monroe 211—Historical Accounts of World War II

Moderator: Dr. Erin Devlin

Lauren Frey, “The Bombing of Auschwitz: Why Did It Not Occur?” (PB)

Heidi Schmidt, “Civilian Morale on the Home Front: How the British Government Influenced and Measured Morale in 1940” (PB)

Amy Blake, “Elie Wiesel: A Witness Through Words” (PB)


SESSION SEVEN. 1 PM. Monroe 210—Revolution in America

Moderator: Dr. Steven E. Harris

Amber Marie Kintz, “Walking behind the Baggage: George Washington’s Embarrassment Regarding Female Camp Followers” (WM)

Michelle Bishop, “A Question of Parliamentary Sovereignty: The British Response to American Claims” (WM)

Sarah Godfrey, “Military Intelligence and the American Revolution: The Origin of America’s Intelligence System” (WM)


SESSION EIGHT. 1PM. Monroe 211—Propaganda and Culture in Modern History

Moderator: Dr. Bruce O’Brien

Laura Cusumano, “The Design of Socialist Advertising: The Unorthodox Use of Advertising Strategies in the Soviet Union” (SH)

Addam Baxter, “Cultural Destruction in the 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq” (NA)


SESSION NINE. 2 PM. Monroe 210—Adventures in Digital History Project Presentations

Moderator: Dr. McClurken

James Monroe Museum Digital Tour — http://jamesmonroe.umwhistory.org/

Emily James, Kasey Mayer, Kelly Emmrich, Lesya Melnychenko, Sarah Godfrey

Fredericksburg Historical Markers Project — http://fhm.umwhistory.org/

Jason Gaddie, Lakelyn R Wiley, Milen Mehari, & Rachel Dacey

NPS National Cemetery Project — http://fnc.umwhistory.org/

Abby Brock, Claire Goode, Emma Baumgardner, Marianne Brokaw, Megan Lindsey, Nick Skibinski, Olivia Price