WGST 491 Proposal Guidelines


WGST 491 proposals for projects to be completed Spring 2023

are due Friday, November 11, 2022.

WGST 491 (Individual Study)

1.      Individual Studies are open only to juniors and seniors.  Applicants must have completed WGST 101 and an approved methods course.

2.       The subject area of the Individual Study project must be appropriate for this program and must be supervised by a faculty member whose academic specialty makes them qualified to guide and evaluate student work on the subject.

3.       The Individual Study must not duplicate a course that is already offered in the catalog.

4.      The applicant must develop, with advice from the sponsoring faculty member, a description of the project, including a statement of objectives and a list of activities that will fulfill these objectives.  The work must merit 3 credits.  The following must be provided:

      • A discussion of the motivation and preparation for undertaking the individual Study, including a description of previous course work that is relevant to the proposed area of study.
      • A discussion of the goals of the Individual Study or capstone project
      • A reading list
      • A description of written work or other assignments to be completed by the student
      • A schedule for completion of assignments
      • A schedule of conferences between student and faculty member (at least once every two weeks)
      • A description of the terms of grading

5.      Students must submit the necessary materials  for a WGST 491 via email to the Program Director of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies before the end of the previous semester for approval.  (deadlines are announced in advance). Once the Program Director approves the proposal, the student will need to register in person (forms are available in the Registrar’s Office, requiring both the sponsoring faculty member’s and the program director’s signature).