2012-13 Projects

Nancy Belle, “Exploring Sex, Gender, and Sexualities in the Contemporary South” with Gary Richards

Taylor Brannon, “Whose Conscience Clause? Interest Group Activity and Contraceptive Coverage in the Affordable Care Act” with Rosalyn Cooperman

Katie Casey, “Biblical Womanhood Blogging” Tracy Citeroni

Morgan Downing, “Who’s to Blame? Factors Influencing Bystander Efficacy and Attribution of Responsibility in Three Categories of Rape” with Miriam Liss

Britnae Purdy, “Expressions of Sexuality and 20th Century Chinese Feminism as Portrayed in the Fictional Work of Zhang Ailing” with Susan Fernsebner

Aissata Traore, “Women in the Legal Profession” with Kristin Marsh

Thalia Veizaga, “Qualitative Study on Women’s Perception of Menstruation” with Tracy Citeroni