Recent WGST 485 Projects


Ren Koloni, “Autistic Womanhood” with Tracy Citeroni

Grace McCauley, “Who Rules the School?” with Debra Schleef

Milen Mehari, “Eritrean Women During Liberation and Beyond” with Shumona Dasgupta

Emily Saldanha, “How the Language of Choice Affects Perceptions of Women in the Workplace” with Miriam Liss


Meg Herriman, “Mental Health Stigma and Social Media” with Miriam Liss

Esther Hethcox, “A journalistic analysis of intersections of oppression of women in Fredericksburg, VA through the investigation of sexual violence and health crises present in the lives of women” with Mara Scanlon

Neil Metcalfe, “Sexualized Violence in the Horror Genre” with Kate Haffey

Julia Mitchell, “John Chrysostom and the Sexualized Other” with Jennifer Barry