Course Offerings Spring 2023


Foundation Courses

WGST 101 Intro to Women’s Studies (WI)

WGST 102 Perspectives in Sexuality (WI)


Methods Courses

AMST 201 Intro to American Studies (SI, WI)

ARTH 303 Methods of Art History (WI)

ENGL 295 Methods of Advanced Literary Studies (WI)

HISP 205 Documentation and Fieldwork

HIST 299 Intro to the Study of History (SI, WI)

PSYC 362 Research Methods for Psychology (DI, SI, WI)

SOCG 364 Quant Resrch Mthds Anlys w/lab (WI)

SOCG 365 Qualitative Methods with Lab (WI)



ENGL 318 Sex, Love, Power in Renaissance England

ENGL 327 Jane Austen

ENGL 385 Contemporary American Fiction English

GEOG 361 Grassroots Dev in Guatemala

HIST 326 History of Manhood in the US

LING 307 Language and Gender (WI)

PHIL 220 Intro to Feminism (SI)

PSCI 370 Gender and Politics (SI)

RELG 212 Queering the Bible

SOCG 434 Gender and Work

WGST 491 Independent Study By approval

WGST 485 Capstone