2020-2022 Projects

Fall 2020

– Conrad (no first name provided), “The Role of Race and Gender in Late Antiquity: How BIPOC Functioned in Canonical Text & Throughout the Transformation of The Roman Empire”

– Rebekah Gredler, “How Pornography Affects the LGBTQ Community”

– Khaila Nelson, “The Importance of #SayHerName: An Intersectional Analysis of Police Violence Against Black Women in the United States”

– Savannah Roberts, “Understanding the Legal, Political and Sociological Context of Sex Work: A Comparison of Southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America”

– Christine Wehner, “’Purity Culture’ and How it Influences Women’s Sexuality and Mental Health”

– Claudio Woods, “Exploring Sexual Violence, Race, and Disability in the United States through African American Women Literature”


Spring 2020

– Kathryn Arntsen, “Women’s Body Hair Removal Practices in Various Body Regions”

– Isabella Gettier, “The Relationship Between the Length of Maternity Leave and Maternal Mental Health: A Comparison from OECD Countries”

– Reina Irby, “Maternal Mortality in Black Women”

– **Rebecca Jacobi, no title included, question is “how to attention to the gender dimensions of war violence or postwar inequalities without reproducing images of passive female victimhood and support for patriarchal notions of the protection of women”


Spring 2022

– Katherin Conner, “Quality of Representation of LGBTQ+ People in Children’s Picture Books”

– Brie Hawkins, “The Medical Policing of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Adults”

– Callie Jordan, “Using the intersections of Political Science and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to explore the intricacies of the policy-making of reproductive processes in the Virginia General Assembly’s legislative session”

– Arianna Rodriguez, “The Gendered Division of Household Labor, Care Work, and Covid-19: Exploring the Vulnerabilities of Mothers in the Labor Force”