Sociology Program Requirements

Sociology Program Requirements

A.   One introductory course:  SOCG 105: The Social World

B.   Three required upper-level courses:

SOCG 364: Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis* and

SOCG 365: Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis** and

SOCG 471: History of Social Theory or

SOCG 472: Contemporary Sociological Theory

* Note that STATS 180: Statistics is a prerequisite for SOCG 364.

** SOCG 364 and SOCG 365 need NOT be taken in sequence.  SOCG 364 is typically offered in the fall term and SOCG365 in the spring

C.   Eighteen additional upper-level credits in sociology,

excluding internships (SOCG 499). The 18 credits may include Sociology 155 and up to 6 credits of 300- or 400-level anthropology courses, excluding individual study (ANTH 491, 492) and internships (ANTH 499).