Career Resources and Fields for Anthropology Majors


Wondering where your major in anthropology might take you?  The career counselor in this short video highlights the ways cultural anthropology can prepare you for a wide range of careers.

Our majors wind up in a lot of places, doing a lot of different jobs.  See our page on UMW anthropology graduates’ careers for narratives about what alumni doing now and how they ended up there.  If you would like to contact one of these alumni for further information, ask Dr James for contact information.

It should come as no surprise to an anthropology student that developing connections to potential employers is an important career strategy.  Those connections can be developed through part-time employment and internships, as well as through contact with UMW alumni.

The UMW Sociology program career resources page has several links to databases listing government, non-profit, and other jobs.

Below are links to additional sites with helpful ideas about and listings for a wide range of jobs for anthropology majors:

UMW Center for Career and Professional Development

American Anthropological Association

National Association of Practicing Anthropologists

Guide to Nonprofit Jobs and Careers

What Can I Do With This Major?

This is Anthropology

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook


Below are some possible jobs you can use your anthropology degree in!


Archaeology companies

Historic preservation offices



Art galleries


Parks and historic sites

Community centers

International development agencies

Ethnic and cultural organizations

Antique and collectibles shops

Environmental organizations

Social service agencies

Refugee/immigrant services

Federal/state/local/tribal government




Police work and forensics


Documentary film making


Environmental impact

Social impact assessment

Diversity training

Translating and interpreting

Bilingual education

Cultural brokerage

International business



Personnel (Human Resources)

Public relations

Public administration

Medical and health-related jobs

Genetics counseling



International diplomacy

Mission organizations

Women’s organizations



Scientific and creative writing

and so much more…