Sociology Career Resources

The following websites will assist you in thinking about careers available to sociology majors:

Here are some search engines for nonprofit organizations: (Chicago)   (these are volunteer coordinator jobs) (Action Without Borders)

Green Corps

National Student Partnerships


Here are links to job opportunities at organizations in or near DC that do research (these organizations often hire BAs as research assistants for 2-3 years with the understanding that you will go on to graduate school in sociology or a related field)


AIR   American Institutes for Research


Cosmos Corporation – Bethesda, MD social science research firm

GeoLogics Corporation – Bill Winkler, in HR, is a BLS graduate

J & E Associates

National Academy of Social Insurance    (Elisa Walker ’08 works there)

Pacific Institute

Policy Studies Associates

RAND Corporation


Urban Institute

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Sentencing Commission – look under employment


Social Service Organizations in DC

DART Direct Action Research Training Center

Housing Community Services of Northern VA

Latin American Youth Center (DC)

MVLE – Springfield organization providing opportunities for those with disabilities

Richmond and Other Virginia – Social Services and Policy

Dominion Day Services

Intercept Youth Services

Virginia Organizing Project



George Washington Regional Commission


Princeton Data Source – phone survey research

Rappahannock Goodwill Industries

Rappahannock Community Services Board

Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter


The Wall Street Journal for January 6, 2009, had the following item:

Doing the Math to Find the Good Jobs

“…jobs at the top of the list include actuary, statistician, biologist, software engineer and computer-systems analyst, historian, and sociologist.

“Mark Nord is a sociologist working for the Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service in Washington, D.C. He studies hunger in American households and writes research reports about his findings. ‘The best part of the job is the sense that I’m making some contribution to good policy making,’ he says. ‘The kind of stuff that I crank out gets picked up by advocacy organizations, media, and policy officials’

“The study estimates sociologists earn $63,195, though Mr Nord, 62, says his income is about double that amount. He says he isn’t surprised by the findings because his job generates little stress and he works a steady 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. schedule. ‘It’s all done at the computer at my desk,’ he says. ‘The main occupational hazard is carpal tunnel syndrome.’