Individual Study or Research – SOCG 491, 492 or ANTH 491, 492

In an independent study and research course the student works with an appropriate faculty member on a particular, often unique, topic of special interest to the student. Such topics may be covered too briefly in existing courses to satisfy the student’s interest, or they may not be covered at all. An independent study topic should not exactly duplicate an existing course, however.

Interested students should approach appropriate faculty about guiding independent research projects.

These courses count as major credit-hours in the respective disciplines. Credits are usually three per semester, but they may vary with special circumstances. A student may repeat the independent study course several times, provided the topic of study changes.

In anthropology the independent study may be taught so to satisfy the Writing Intensive across-the-curriculum requirement. Interested students should make this arrangement with the supervisor and be sure that the course is so designated at registration.

Here are some past and current Individual Research projects.

With Dr. Citeroni:

Annie Truslow,  Medicalization, Rape, and Embodiment (Honors Thesis)

Amber Harris,  Living Sustainably

With Dr. Gable:

Michael Kessler, From Celts to Christians

Alexandra Plotnikov, Religion, Nationalism, and Modernity

With Dr. Kim:

Amy Smetana, The Police and Latino Community Relations in Fredericksburg, VA.

Jacob Dellinger, Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives

With Dr. Schleef:

Sarah Barbee, Cross-National Comparison of Sex Education Programs in Schools

Bryant Matera, Kristin Magill, Jeanine St. Lawrence, Dolly Suarez, and Amanda Johnson, Rappahannock Regional Youth Survey Analysis