Internships – SOCG or ANTH 499

Qualified juniors or seniors may elect to take up to 12 hours of internship credit. A student intern works with a supervisor in an agency of the student’s choosing, here in Fredericksburg or in the wider region. In rare circumstances it may be possible to have an internship in a remote location. A member of the department is the academic advisor for the internship, and helps the student relate the intern experience to academic sociology or anthropology.

For a sociology internship, a qualified student must have completed at least SOCG 105: Social  World and six credits of upper-level work before enrolling in an internship. Anthropology internships may be counted towards the major; in sociology they are not. Whether the internship is counted in the major or not, it is a useful learning experience that may help clarify career choices and that often leads to a job after graduation

You can learn about available internships through the Office of Career Services, by talking to your academic advisor or the career advisor for your discipline. The career advisor in sociology is Dr. Eric Bonds. In anthropology the career advisor is Dr. Eric Gable.

Sociology and Anthropology majors have completed internships at many organizations and institutions in the area, including:

Social Service Agencies

Micah Ecumenical Shelter

disABILITY Resource Center

Empowerhouse (RCDV)

Stafford Junction

Refugee Resettlement Services- Catholic Diocese

Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic

Legal Agencies

Legal Aid Works         Here is one intern’s story:

The Mediation Center

Probation and Parole District 21

Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice    Carolynn Nesmith

Rappahannock Regional Jail – Community Based Probation, Drug Treatment, Pretrial Services Interns

Research and Other:

First Nations Development Institute 

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

The Valentine Richmond History Center 

Washington, D.C.

Geologics, (Alexandria)    – Human Resources intern

Human Rights Campaign – LGBT equality

MVLE – Springfield organization providing opportunities for those with disabilities

U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Sentencing Commission (sometimes paid!)

 Voices for Progress