Plant ID walk for Ethnobotany class
Students on a field trip to identify plants, part of Dr. Mentore's Ethnobotany class.
Volunteers at Pollinator Garden
volunteers at pollinator garden, with Dr. Bonds.
Field Trip to National Building Museum (Dr. Martin’s FSEM)
Students posing by sign at
SoAn Club members at the VMFA
Small group of students next to a sculpture, outside.
Field Research in Richmond, VA (Dr. James’s class)
Group of students on bikes on a dirt hill.
Monroe Hall: Home of Anthropology and Sociology Department
picture of the front of Monroe Hall
Club Carnival
Two students at a table for SoAn club from club carnival
Valiha: National Instrument of Madagascar
picture of musical instrument, the valiha
Hands-on Study of Evil Eye Healing Ritual
students and a professor in a classroom, doing a

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology

We’re on the 4th Floor Monroe Hall–stop by and check us out!

Sociologists and Anthropologists at UMW share a passion for making sense of our world, being active citizens within it, and rigorous training in research methodologies to do this work effectively. We work closely with students to develop their critical analysis of society, and support them as they pursue internships, independent research and open myriad doors to their future.

Information about our faculty and about student contributions to the department can be found on the About the Department page.

Students in the department can earn either a B.A. in Anthropology with a major in Anthropology or a B.A. in Sociology with a major in Sociology. We also offer an interdisciplinary minor in Social Justice. The two majors are described in detail on the Anthropology Program and Sociology Program pages.

Sociology and anthropology both provide excellent tools for understanding human society on any level, from global networks to an elementary-school classroom. Students majoring in sociology examine the structures and processes that shape life in the U.S., in other regions, and globally. Moreover, they learn to apply the variety of theories and methods sociologists use in their research. Students majoring is anthropology study the practices and beliefs of Non-Western and Western societies as well as global processes such as colonialism and neo-colonialism, with the goal of understanding what it means to be human in the broadest sense. Both programs emphasize and encourage student research.  The Sociology Curriculum and Anthropology Curriculum pages describe program requirements and course offerings.

Various scholarships are available to students in anthropology and sociology. In particular, the Bill Hanson Memorial Scholarship was established to celebrate the life of a social activist and beloved member of the sociology faculty.

The Resources section has more information about the Career Counseling Center at Mary Washington and about careers in sociology and in anthropology. You will also find information about our internship programs, as well as research programs in the department and at other schools.

Student Opportunities has information about student aides in the department, student representatives to the department, and the Sociology and Anthropology Club (SoAn), organized and run by sociology and anthropology students.