Ryan E. Wind

Ryan Wind photoRyan E. Wind

Position: Trial Attorney at Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen

Field: Law

Thesis: The Secession of the South

Graduated: 2005

I had a great experience as a History major at Mary Washington.  The class size enables you to have a personal relationship with your professors, which aids in your learning and development.  Growing up I was always drawn to history because I found it interesting how some people were able to overcome obstacles and rise to the occasion and separate themselves from the everyday person.  I chose history as a major because I had a passion for it and because I believed it would prepare me for law school.

My History degree from UMW not only prepared me for law school, it also helped prepare me for the practice of law.  Whether I am researching case law, writing a brief, or trying a case in front of a judge or jury, the skills that have helped me become successful were developed during my study of history at UMW.    Researching case law to find the precedent is no different than the research I did when writing papers in college.  My approach and strategy when presenting my case to a judge or jury is the same approach and strategy I used when presenting my thesis to a group of students and professors or in a lecture class when attempting to articulate a different view on an issue.

The tools and skills I acquired as a History major at UMW help me on daily basis and have been invaluable to me in my career path.

Professional profile:  http://www.allenandallen.com/ryan-e-wind.html