Marissa Allison

Marissa AllisonMarissa Allison

Position: Regional Head of Technology (MENA), Financial Intelligence Unit, HSBC

Field: Banking

Thesis: Militants Seize Mecca: The 1979 Siege of Mecca and its Strategic and Ideological Influence

Graduated: 2010

My interest in History stems from a broader interest in geopolitics and society, especially the Middle East; my History major provides me with valuable insights from historical studies that allow me to confront current and future geopolitical issues. Further, the History Program at UMW gave me a strong research and analytical foundation for my future career in intelligence analysis. Mary Washington also provided me with flexibility to choose my own areas of research interest, including multiple study abroad trips, while also giving me a great support network from the Middle East Studies Program.

The ability to evaluate sources, conduct complex research with varied sources, and make analytic judgments were directly relevant to my work in research in think-tanks, intelligence analysis at Booz Allen Hamilton, and in my current career at HSBC. While my current role focuses on intelligence analysis from a technical angle, my understanding of the analytic process and geopolitical context allow me to make decisions on which technologies are most applicable to this process.