Jack R. Manning

Jack R. Manning

Position: US Department of State – Diplomatic Security Service Special Agent Candidate

Previously:  Texas Department of Public Safety – Texas Highway Patrol State Trooper

Field: Law Enforcement

Thesis: “Captivity and Consequence: How Captivity Narratives Explain the Clash of Culture Between Iroquois and Colonial Societies”

Graduated: May 2015 – B.A. in History


Growing up my parents had one requirement of all their kids – get a college degree. Throughout my time in college I bounced around from a few different majors (Business, English, Political Science, etc.) just trying to get a degree until I decided on the only subject that I enjoyed – history. While I had planned on going into Law Enforcement early on in my college days, I did not anticipate a history degree contributing to my future field… and was I wrong. The knowledge, skills and abilities learned while earning a history degree from UMW have transitioned over into my everyday work life. The UMW History and American Studies department focuses on honing its students’ writing, speaking, and presentation abilities – all of which I’ve used in my career as a State Trooper. My education from UMW helped me succeed in earning a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Leadership and Administration from Arizona State University and my professors from UMW were crucial in my acceptance to their program.

My previous job revolved around facts and providing clear and articulate accounts of events. From writing reports, testifying in court, interviewing persons, or presenting to other officers or the public, UMW laid the foundation of what has made me successful in my career as a Law Enforcement Officer. As I transition from uniformed policing to a different type of law enforcement, I anticipate the skills and knowledge I gained from an education in the UMW History and American Studies department will continue to help me be successful in my career.

Shoutouts to Dr. Jason Sellers, Dr. Claudine Ferrell, Dr. Jess Rigelhaupt, Dr. Steven Harris, and Dr. Ed Pompeian who all taught classes that had an impact on the successes I’ve had in my life and career.