Eric D. Halsey

Eric Halsey photoEric D. Halsey

Position: Content Creator at Hop Online; Founder of the Bulgarian History Podcast; freelance teacher of English, Writing, and History

Field: Search Engine Optimization, Podcasting, and education

Thesis: “The Influence of the Macedonian Question on the Development of the Bulgarian National Identity.” Winner of the University of Mary Washington 2010-2011 writing contest and a University of Mary Washington History Department academic achievement award.

Graduated: 2011 with a B.A. in History and Political Science

Mary Washington was incredibly important for me in that it it offered me personalized attention and flexibility. By developing relationships with professors and being able to do things like spend a year abroad at the American University in Bulgaria, I was able to craft an education which was both specific in terms of my academic speciality (Bulgarian national identity building) and general in terms of developing transferrable skills.

Since then I have pursued my Masters in Nationalism Studies at Central European University in Budapest and done a year of independent research with a Fulbright grant. I now live in Sofia, Bulgaria and use the speaking, writing, research, and history skills I developed at UMW to participate in a wide variety of projects in the fields of history, education, and technology.

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