Fulbright Information Evening – Wednesday 8/30

Would you like to study ballet in Moscow, opera in Italy, or Flemish Renaissance painters in Belgium? Would you like to research migration patterns into Western Europe, Nile River Valley irrigation methods, mathematics in Ukraine, chess in India, or the effects of global warming on tropical rain forests in Brazil? Would you like to teach English in Korea, Bulgaria, India, Germany, Japan, Italy, or several other countries? These and several other possibilities exist under the Fulbright/IIE program.

If so: Interested students and advisors are invited to a Fulbright information meeting this Wednesday, 30 August, 6:00 pm, Monroe 210.

If you are unsure what to do after graduation, and would like to spend a year teaching and/or conducting research abroad, consider submitting an application to the Fulbright Graduate and Research Abroad Program. This year’s national application deadline will be 6 October. The campus submission deadline will be 29 September.

Our campus Faculty Fulbright Committee is: Dianne Baker, Patricia Reynolds, Ann Witkowski, Jennifer Hansen-Glucklich, Melina Patterson, and Rosemary Jesionowski. Please feel free to contact any of these faculty/staff colleagues, or Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti, in the next few days, to explore the possibility of applying for a Fublright.

UMW graduates have won 19 Fulbright grants in the past decade. Past UMW students have won grants to teach English in Uruguay, Turkey, Thailand, Nepal, Mexico, and Korea; research water environment in South Africa, study the health effects of the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine; research the effects of the Euro on the Polish economy, study Balkan history in Macedonia; research the justice system in Cambodia; study the effects of climate change on Ecuador’s arachnid population; and research immigration patterns and security issues in the United Kingdom. You too can do it — you need only a good idea, a solid GPA, and strong recommendation letters.

Although grantees must have obtained their bachelor’s degree by the time of their award, students who are not graduating next year — as well as interested alumni — are also encouraged to attend this meeting because successful applications often require advance preparation. At the meeting Dr. Al-Tikriti will discuss strategies for successful applications.

Prior to attending Tuesday’s meeting, interested students are also encouraged to research the Fulbright website: http://us.fulbrightonline.org/home.html .