On the Job Market with History Degree?

Newspaper boy as street vendor waving latest editionLooking for advice on next steps after the Bachelor’s degree? How to land a job with a History (or American Studies) diploma? Loren Collins offers advice and strategies, noting, “History is dynamic, and you should be a bright, capable, and thorough thinker, writer, communicator, and researcher because of your time as an undergraduate. The problem is that no one will know it until you tell them!”

History and American Studies majors build highly marketable skills in analysis, research and data-management, project-building, communication, team-work, and in a diverse range of digital skills, among others.

How do you communicate the strength of this training on a current-day job market? See Loren Collins’ very helpful discussion, “Entering the Job Market with a B.A. in History,” at AHA Today (12 May 2015)