Study Abroad and Summer Field Schools

A summer field research program, or a semester or a year abroad, is a great way for you to see how the concepts and research methods of anthropology and archaeology really work “on the ground.”  You can also use the information you gather during a field school or time abroad for a longer-term research project such as senior research or honors. Field school experience, especially in an archaeological field school, opens up great employment opportunities for you as well.

UMW Guyana Ethnographic Field School

Our department offers a 3-credit summer ethnographic field school course in Guyana, ANTH 450.  ANTH 350 Amazonian Societies is a pre-requisite.  For more information, please view the program brochure or contact Dr. Mentore at

You can read more one student’s experience in the Guyana program here.

Non-UMW Programs

Academic credit earned in other programs may be transferred to the University of Mary Washington. NOTE: you need to obtain permission to transfer the credits before you take the class.

In addition to the list below, the American Anthropological Association has information about field schools on its website.

If you are interested in one of these programs, contact them directly, and also talk to your academic advisor about which program would be best for you and about permission to transfer the credits for your work. If you plan a semester or year abroad be sure to consult with the UMW Center for International Education as well.