Anthropology Program Requirements

The major in anthropology was revised effective Fall 2007. The number of credits remains the same but the required courses are slightly different. Students who declare a major in the fall of 2007 or after will need to meet the following requirements.

Current anthropology requirements, as of Fall 2007:

Required courses

  1. ANTH 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 credits)
  2. ANTH 298: Ethnography (3 credits; co-requisite ANTH 299) – formerly ANTH 200
  3. ANTH 299: Theories of Culture (3 credits; co-requisite ANTH 298) – formerly ANTH 203
  4. ANTH 480: Senior Research (3 credits; fall semester)
  5. ANTH 481: Senior Seminar (3 credits; spring semester)


15 hours (five 3-credit courses) of electives in anthropology, which may include:

  • ANTH 491/492 Independent Study, BUT NOT ANTH 499: Internship.  Anthropology majors are encouraged to undertake internships, but they are not required for the major and do not count toward the elective requirement.
  • Up to six credits (2 courses) from selected sociology and historic preservation courses. All upper-level sociology courses except for SOCG 491, 492, and 499 are eligible. Eligible historic preservation courses include HISP 207 and HISP 467.
  • Some courses taken at other institutions, including study abroad and field schools.  Be sure to speak to your advisor before taking the course if you want the course to count for elective credit.

Total: 30 hours, 10 courses.

Field-research courses*

*NOTE: The field research intensive requirement does not apply to students who declare anthropology as their major in Fall 2013 or later.  Those students must simply fulfill the electives requirement outlined above.

The following courses have been designated “FR.”

  • ANTH 317: Gifts and Commodities
  • ANTH 322: Symbolic Anthropology
  • ANTH 341: Practices of Memory
  • ANTH344: Urban Theory and Ethnography
  • ANTH 371H: Anthropology of Food
  • ANTH 401: The Anthropology of Globalization
  • ANTH 491, 492: Independent Study (with instructor approval)
  • SOCG 365: Qualitative Research Methods