Rebecca Erbelding (’02) Featured in Washington Post Article

Rebecca Erbelding, UMW History alumna (class of 2002), was recently featured in a story entitled “Holocaust Survivors Reunite with the Woman Who Cared for Them After the War,” by Emily Langer (25 December 2013).

The story offers touching portrait of Martha “Manna” Weindling Friedmann, a German Jew who cared for Holocaust refugee children in England after the Second World War, and two sisters, Tatianna and Andra Bucci, who’d known her as a beloved caretaker at that time. Years later, Rebecca would accompany those sisters as adults on a tour of the Holocaust museum and its archives. The story also shares the two sisters’ recent, warm reunion with “Manna,” as retiree in the United States. For the full, heart-warming story and the complex history it invokes, see the link above.