Scene Shop

Adjacent to Klein Theatre, the scene shop is a well-equipped facility for the construction of production scenery.   The scene shop is run by faculty and staff with help from student assistants, stagecraft and practicum students.


  • Powermatic Woodworking Equipment
      • Band Saw
      • Panel Saw
      • Scroll Saw
      • Combination Sander
      • Drill Press
  • Delta Woodworking Equipment
      • Table Saw
      • Radial Arm Saw
  • Compound Miter and Chop Saws
  • Industrial Air Compressor
  • Pneumatic Staple and Nail Guns
  • Wide Variety of Scenic Painting Equipment
  • Wide Variety of Hand Tools
  • Custom Installed Dust Collection System
  • Welding Equipment — MIG and ARC Welding