Meet and Greet with Richmond Fed

The Career Center will be hosting the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond for a 'Lunch and Learn' event on Thursday, March 1st from 12:30-1:30 in the University Center Capital Room. Pizza and Drinks will be served! They will be discussing its role in daily life, consumer accountability, and the JOBS available for UMW graduates. … [Read more...]

Issues in Political Economy: 2018 Information

Issues in the Political Economy is a student-run undergraduate research journal. For more information check out our page. January 15th, 2018- Submission deadline for presentation at IPE's 25th Annual Conference                                              email: January 31st 2018- Deadline for research paper submission (Volume 26)                                            email: February 16th, 2018- Deadline for presenters to email papers                                               email: March 2 -4, 2018- IPE's 25th Annual Conference held in Boston, MA at the Eastern Economic Association’s annual meeting: The Boston Sheraton.   Please review the guidelines before submitting your research papers   … [Read more...]

Meet Raymond Mataloni

The Economics Department of  The University of Mary Washington is proud to have Dr. Raymond J. Mataloni Jr. as an adjunct Instructor. Dr. Mataloni has taught Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 202) and Investment Analysis (Econ 322) at the College of Arts and Sciences for the past few years. As an alumnus of Mary Washington, Dr. Mataloni knows the value of a Mary Washington education and has unique insights that translate in the classroom. As an undergraduate at the University of Mary Washington, Dr. Mataloni received a BA in Business Administration. He then went on to attain a Masters in Economics from George Mason University and a PhD in Economics from American University with a specialization in International Economics. In addition to teaching, Dr. Mataloni is also the Assistant Division Chief for Research and Analysis, Balance of Payments Division, at the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. … [Read more...]

Literature in The Economics House

The Economics House is full of resources, including economic literature that you may need for research projects! Below is a link with all the titles of the resources that can be found in room B03 and B07 of the economics house. academic-readings … [Read more...]

Meet Thomas Swift

The Economics Department of  The University of Mary Washington is proud to have Thomas K. Swift as an adjunct Instructor. At the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Swift has taught Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics (200-level courses) as well as Environmental and Resource Economics and Industrial Economics (300- level courses). At the College of Business, he has taught Economics for Business (300-level course) and Managerial Economics, a 500-level course for MBA students. His academic degrees include a B.A. from Ashland College, a M.A. from Case Western Reserve University, and a D.B.A from Anglia Polytechnic University. Dr. Swift has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing sector, competitive intelligence, and market research within an international context, as well as business cycle analysis. He recently developed a leading indicator of the US business cycle that leads cycle peaks (end of expansion) by eight months and cycle troughs (end of … [Read more...]

Declaration Day

The Economics Department is hosting a Major Declaration Greet and Meet on April 7, 2016. Come by the econ house from 2:30pm- 4:00pm to chat with professors and have some snacks. You can also get declaration forms signed to officially claim your major or minor. … [Read more...]

Upcoming Required Courses Offered

Economics Major Required Courses Tentative Course Offerings 2016-17 Fall 2016 Econ 300 – Introduction to Economic Analysis Econ 361 – Introductory Econometrics Econ 375 – American Economic History Econ 303 – Microeconomics Econ 304 - Macroeconomics Spring 2017 Econ 300 – Introduction to Economic Analysis Econ 462 – Advanced Economic Analysis Econ 374 – History of Economic Thought Econ 303 - Microeconomics Econ 304 - Macroeconomics … [Read more...]

Present Your Undergraduate Research

What: Economic Scholars Program (ESP) Where: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas When: March 31, 2016 The Economics Scholars Program (ESP) is a collaborative effort between Austin College and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to foster the involvement of undergraduate economics students in all facets of research. The cornerstone of the ESP is the annual ESP Conference. Since 2007, student scholars and faculty from institutions across the U.S. and Canada have come together to share undergraduate student-initiated research.  UMW students have participated for the past 5 years, presenting research from their Econ 300, 361, 462, or 499 classes. There are a variety of ways to participate: Presenters Current undergraduates who are conducting independent or coauthored original research in all fields of economics and finance are encouraged to submit a paper for consideration. Papers can be empirical, theoretical or analytical in nature. All papers submitted will be reviewed by the … [Read more...]

Career Paths for Economics Majors

Connect the economics major on the left with career opportunities on the right ( … [Read more...]

Online Economics Degree Programs Directory

Comprehensive listing of economics programs in the United States ( … [Read more...]