Departmental Honors

To receive departmental honors in economics a student must complete the major with a minimum 3.5 GPA in the major and successfully write an Honors Thesis.

Previous Recipients
1988 – Teresa F. Hannah
1990 – Robert Smallenberg
1991 – John Albert Keil
1996 – David Rushford – “The Industrial Policy Debate: The Case of Flat Panel Displays”
1997 – Maura Kurtz – “Estimating the Impact of Antidumping Laws: A Case Study of the Ball Bearings Industry”
1998 – Michael Warren -” Privatization, Factor Productivities, and Economic Growth in Less Developed Countries” (click on link to view thesis)
2001 – Kelly Bowling – “The Distribution of Wealth: An Intergenerational Analysis Using Microsimulation” (click on link to view thesis)
2001 – Tim Robinson – “America’s Oil Supply: A Crisis in the Making?”
2005 – Kristen Payne – “Is Divorce Indebting Our Children?”
2007 – Kelsea Natoli – “Our Declining Personal Savings Rate”
Angela Damiano – “The New National Pastime: Measuring the Impact of Competitive Balance on the Difference Between Football and Baseball Attendance”
2008 – Brandon Shapiro, William Swanson and Julia Behrmann
2009 – Erin Nicole Beddingfield, Margaret Elizabeth Graybeal, Katherine A. MacEwen, Sierra Stoney and Melanie Rose Walter
2010 – Sarah Ball, Michael Downey, Kevin Kitching
2011 – Matthew Baker, Jaclyn Evans
2013 – Nicole Cochran, Laura Dick, Patrick Marek, Christopher Rieve
2014 – Lavar Edmonds, Taylor Knight, Chelsea LeHew, Jessica Melvin, Clare Stechshulte
2016 – Sarah Anne Van Giezen
2018 – Liam Missios
2021 – Aspen Aston, Brandon Williams