History and American Studies Symposium–Spring 2015

History and American Studies Symposium

University of Mary Washington – Department of History and American Studies
Friday, April 24, 2015


SESSION ONE. 9 AM. Monroe 210—World War II and Its Aftermath

Moderator: Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Sarah Palmer—“Illimitable Schemes for Relief”: International Humanitarianism and the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (PB)

Jordan Harmer—Postwar Japanese Society Through Osamu Tezuka’s Manga (SF)

Ike Copperthite—Russian Women in the Red Army in World War II (PB)


SESSION TWO. 9 AM. Monroe 211—Radical Movements, Resistance, and Social Reform

Moderator: Dr. Jess Rigelhaupt

Suzannah Carretto—Corporate Welfare Capitalism: The Complex Motivations of Nineteenth Century Industrialists (CF)

Jessica Hopkins—Slave or God’s Chosen?: How Slaves in America Used Christianity to Resist their Christian Enslavers (CF)


SESSION THREE. 10 AM. Monroe 210—Totalitarian Regimes and Mass Death in the 20th Century

Moderator: Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti

Myra Carr—NKVD: The Doctrine of Fear (SH)

Nina Bowen—A War of Ideology: How Soviet Jews Helped Spark Resistance in the Minsk Ghetto and Sobibor Extermination Camp (SH)

Caitlyn C. Maloney—A (Cult)ivated Image: An Analysis of Joseph Stalin’s Cult of Personality (SH)


SESSION FOUR. 10 AM. Monroe 211—Explorations in American Life and Popular Culture

Moderator: Dr. Claudine Ferrell

Courtney Dickerson—“Can You Dig It?” Drugs, Sex, and Violence in Blaxploitation Films, 1969 to 1974 (CF)

Anthony J. Markish—The Banning of Christmas:  A Study of the Banning and Reformation of Christmas in America (JS)

Tanner Carlton—Unidentified Caregivers: A Look Into Angola Prison’s Hospice Program (JR)


SESSION FIVE. 11 AM. Monroe 210—Women in American History

Moderator: Dr. Bruce O’Brien

Katie Way—The Influences of Advertising on Women During The Second World War (JM)

Amy Wallace—Women Computers at the NACA and Early NASA (JM)


SESSION SIX. 11 AM. Monroe 211—Histories of the Body and Clothing

Moderator: Dr. Susan Fernsebner

Kathleen Mary Quinn Eakins—This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Dress, Ideology, and the Transition from Lenin to Stalin (SH)

Kayla Toussant—”Sanitize, Deodorize, Hide Your Shame:” Kotex Menstrual Hygiene Product Advertisements during the 1920s and 1930s (KM)


SESSION SEVEN. 1 PM. Monroe 111—Social Histories of Consumption and Entertainment

Moderator: Dr. Jason Sellers

Isabel Saari—Parks and Recreation: A Social Commentary on America’s Waistline (KM)

Ellen R. Peiser—Attracting Respectability: P.T. Barnum’s American Museum and Its Effects on Mid-Nineteenth Century Gendered Space (KM)

Andrew Perrow—The American Invasion: Spring Break and Civil Rights in Fort Lauderdale, 1961 (JR)


SESSION EIGHT. 1PM. Monroe 210—Explorations in Medieval and Renaissance History

Moderator: Dr. Steven E. Harris

Lauren Ricci—Writing for Change: Gender Roles, Education, and Women Writers in the Italian Renaissance (AP)

Eily Walsh—Thomas Becket: Archbishop and Warrior (BO)


SESSION NINE. 1 PM. Monroe 211—The Politics and Practices of Race and Ethnicity

Moderator: Dr. Will Mackintosh

Michael Friedmann—The Truth Lies In-Between: A Study of Armenian Genocide Scholarship and Sources (NA)

Michael Lohr—Chariot to the Promised Land: Code Songs of the Underground Railroad (WM)

Briana Bohrer—From the Streets to the Stage: The Nationalization of Blackface Minstrelsy and Politics in Antebellum New York (WM)


SESSION TEN. 2 PM. Monroe 111—Troubled Times in American History

Moderator: Dr. Porter Blakemore

Caleb Gallagher—The Cherokee Nation in the American Civil War (PB)

Desa Stone—A Fine Line Between Fiction and Fact: How the Fiction of The Wire Revealed the Dysfunctional Institution of Education in Baltimore (JR)

Jessica Chrisman—For the Blue and the Gray: Native American Warriors in the Civil War (JS)


SESSION ELEVEN. 2PM. Monroe 210—Boys to Men: Cultural Histories of American Masculinity

Moderator: Dr. Allyson Poska

Jessica Clark—The Ali-Frazier Fights and Their Importance in American Life (CF)

Austin Clay—Repress but Don’t Regress, Control Yourselves Boys: Self-Control and Honor in the Antebellum South (WM)

Jessica Scatchard—Alcohol and Masculinity: Changing Perceptions of Manhood in the 19th Century (WM)


SESSION TWELVE. 2 PM. Monroe 211—Social and Cultural Life of Southern History

Moderator: Dr. Krystyn Moon

Bruce McRoberts—Misrepresentation and Obloquy: Shaping the Narrative of Reconstruction in Virginia, 1865-1870 (JM)

Erin Whiteman—The Online Art Museum: How the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Utilizes Social Media (KM)

Corinne Wiederkehr—Monogramming and Southern Identity (KM)


SESSION THIRTEEN. 3PM. Monroe 210—War and Diplomacy

Moderator: Dr. Will Mackintosh

Jackie Geddis—Neville Chamberlain and his Appeasement Policy: The Securement of Peace (PB)

Daniel Carroll—The Strife of Pygmies for the Prize of a Continent: Factors that Made the Colonial Navy a Significant Part of the American Revolution (WM)

Patricia Kramer—Fighting Off the Wolf Pack: The Capture and Deciphering of the Naval Enigma Codes (PB)


SESSION FOURTEEN. 3PM. Monroe 211—Cross Cultural Encounters

Moderator: Dr. Jason Sellers

Jack R. Manning—Captivity and Consequence: How Captivity Narratives Explain the Clash of Culture Between Iroquois and Colonial Societies (JS)

Erin House—Orientalism and Sinology in Early Twentieth-Century Britain: The Memoirs of a “Fraud” and an “Eccentric” (SF)

Eric Greenlaw—How The “Savages” Changed the War (JS)