Mathur Publishes Book Chapter and Presents Paper

Professor of English Maya Mathur's essay, "When Students Recognize Gender but not Race: Addressing the Othello-Caliban Conundrum," was recently published in the collection, Teaching Race in the European Renaissance: A Classroom Guide, edited by Matthieu Chapman and Anna Wainwright, ACMRS Press, 2023, pp.15-33. Professor Mathur also presented the paper, "The Ballad of Tom and Greg: Comic Masculinity, Aspirational Whiteness, and Succession," in the seminar, "Shakespeare and Race in Popular Culture," at the Shakespeare Association of America's annual conference, which was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from March 30 to April 1, 2023.   … [Read more...]

Alum Kate Leboff ’14 Announces Poetry Chapbook

Alum Kate Leboff, a 2014 English:Creative Writing graduate and Production Coordinator at Cornell University Press, has announced the publication of her first book with Finishing Line Press. It is a poetry chapbook she plans to entitle “Kintsugi” (the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum), based almost entirely of her own life experiences. Among those she thanks in her announcement are her “Creative Writing & Lit professors at University of Mary Washington.”       … [Read more...]

Fallon Publishes Review

Associate Professor Paul D. Fallon of the Department of English and Linguistics was invited to review The Oxford Handbook of African Languages, edited by Rainer Vossen & Gerrit Dimmendaal, and published by Oxford University Press in 2020. His review appears online in The Linguistic List vol. 33, number 2209. The Linguist List is a major online linguistic resource and listserv with thousands of subscribers worldwide. … [Read more...]

Barrenechea Publishes Enclopedia Entry on Literature of the Americas Story Content

Antonio Barrenechea, Professor of English, recently published “Literature of the Americas” in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Fiction, 1980-2020. Ed. Leslie Larkin, Stephen Burn, and Patrick O’Donnell. London and New York: Wiley-Blackwell, 2022: 835-44.     … [Read more...]

Mathur Publishes Essay

Maya Mathur, Professor of English, recently published an essay, “Barbarous Customes: Mughal Might and Anglican Virtue in the Journals of Thomas Roe and Edward Terry,” in the volume Religion and the Medieval and Early Modern Global Marketplace, edited by Scott Oldenburg and Kirstin M.S. Bezio, Routledge, 2022, pp. 87-106. … [Read more...]

Lorentzen Publishes Book Review

Eric G. Lorentzen, Professor of English, published a review of Adam Grener's new book, Improbability, Chance, and the Nineteenth-Century Realist Novel, in the latest volume of the Victorians Institute Journal (48).  Grener's novelists (Austen, Scott, Dickens, Trollope, Hardy) were committed to a mode of fiction that primarily foregrounded chance and coincidence to "represent a historical and contingent world," rather than creating a convincing tale of ordinary and conventional probability. … [Read more...]

Barrenechea Publishes in Telos

Antonio Barrenechea, Professor of English, recently published “Fear and Loathing in São Paulo: Slum Metaphysics in the ‘Coffin Joe’ Triptych (1964-2008)” in a special issue of Telos on The Modern City in World Cinema. … [Read more...]

Levy Publishes Two Stories, Releases Issue 22 of Literary Magazine

Ray Levy, Assistant Professor of English, recently published the short story “Autobiographical Animal” in Anomaly and the short story “The Use of Pleasure” in Territory. In addition, they released Issue Twenty-Two of their literary magazine, Dreginald, this week.   … [Read more...]

Barrenechea Publishes Lead Essay in Collection Honoring Lois Parkinson Zamora

Antonio Barrenechea, Professor of English, recently published “A Hemispheric World of Differences: Literature of the Americas, 1982-2000,” the lead essay in the collection Essays in Honor of Lois Parkinson Zamora: From the Americas to the World, edited by Monika Kaup and John Ochoa and issued from Lexington Books. … [Read more...]

Levy Publishes Story

Ray Levy, Assistant Professor of English, recently had a new short story “Autobiographical Animal,” published in Anomaly. Their story can be found online at Anomaly's website. … [Read more...]