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Multi-story brick building with large trees in front.

Combs Hall. (Photo by Norm Shafer).


Combs Hall rear entry with Magnolia in bloom.

ENLI Department Offices in Combs Hall

The English and Linguistics Department offices are located in the four-story Combs Hall, a building named for the third president of Mary Washington College, President Morgan L. Combs. President Combs served as university president from 1929-1955.

Many ENLI classrooms and faculty offices are located in Combs Hall, with the third floor housing departmental offices.

Combs Hall classrooms vary from comfortable seminar meeting rooms to larger classrooms with a couple of auditorium-size classrooms for larger classes and presentation rooms

This building overlooks the lovely green space of Jefferson Square.



Combs Hall Third Floor ENLI Common Area

In addition to housing the department offices, the third floor of Combs Hall houses a central corridor that serves as a common area. The plentiful seating in this area with its variety of chairs and sofas welcomes students throughout the day to study, to relax, to collaborate, and to view announcements and major-related information on the bulletin boards.

Smiling students sit around table.

Students meet in ENLI Common area.

The ENLI central corridor’s walls honor past and present students with awards plaques and honors projects displayed prominently.

A wall with the word Honors and images of students and papers underneath.

The ENLI Honors wall recognizing the work of students graduating with departmental honors.

This common area is where graduating seniors are recognized at the end of the spring semester with a reception and awards.

Students stand in hallway watching awards.

Students and their families gather for the Spring Reception in ENLI Common Area.


Combs 139

A large auditorium-style lecture room with rows of empty seats.

Combs 139 classroom awaiting students.

Combs 139 is a a large meeting room used for multiple ENLI classes and special events.

With auditorium-style seating, Combs 139 serves as the meeting space for several larger classes.

It also serves as the site of afternoon readings, such as Thursday Poetry and Prose.

Special speakers also deliver presentations for such departmental series as those presenting as part of the Grellet & Dorothy C. Simpson Program in Medieval Studies. The department will also host special presentations, such as faculty-led discussions of graduate school

Students often present in the room as part of the annual William Kemp Symposium.

Combs 139 is often the meeting site for end-of-school year ceremonies, such as for the spring semester induction of Sigma Tau Delta honor society members

An auditorium with a seated audience and two people standing before a large white projection screen.

Combs Hall 139 Auditorium with Professor Gary Richards and English major James Vaughn.


Hurley Convergence Center Classes

Several ENLI classes meet in the Hurley Convergence Center. Classes that use a range of digital technologies and require in-person collaboration meet in HCC classrooms.

Students collaborate in the HCC 327 classroom.


1201 William Street

The department has hosted a number of events in the university’s house located on 1201 William Street. These events include receptions for speakers and visiting writers, as well as student-oriented events, including the spring semester year-end picnic.

Students stand in hallway watching awards.

ENLI Professors

The department has twenty full-time faculty members who specialize in a range of authors, historical periods, genres, and media.

The faculty who teach and advise students in the Department of English and Linguistics are enthusiastic, award-winning teachers excited to work with students at Mary Washington.

Professors Dressed in Graduation robes stand on Campus Walk.

ENLI Professors.


Other Questions?

Portrait of Jonathan LevinIf you have other questions or would like more information about studying in the Department of English and Linguistics, please contact Professor Jonathan Levin (ENLI department chair).