Career Preparation

English majors can work anywhere: in business and industry, government, the not-for-profit sector, and as entrepreneurs. Our majors have forged exciting careers in education, publishing, journalism, law, entertainment, education, public relations, marketing, healthcare, the fine arts, social work, technology, management, finance, and more.

You know yourself and your interests. That means you are the one person qualified to find your own direction and prepare yourself to enter your first career. You will get help in English 295 and in your senior seminar. But UMW offers many more resources to help English majors graduate to good employment and become leaders in their fields:

A select list of job titles: UMW ENLI alumni report a range of current job titles.

  • Explore UMW’s special one-credit career-preparation courses
    • IDIS 191 – Liberal Arts and the World of Work
    • IDIS 193 – Personal Development for Life and Career;
    • IDIS 195 – Life and Career After UMW. 
  • Use study abroad or post-graduate study to boost your career success.
  • Read special information for linguistics careers
  • Talk with your academic advisor, and direct any additional questions to the department’s career advisers:
    • English: Marie McAllister
    • Linguistics: Janie Lee
    • Creative Writing: Laura Bylenok