ENLI Internship Stories

Students can gain valuable professional practice in internships to prepare for their After Mary Washington futures.

Each semester and in summer, the Department of English and Linguistics offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to design applied learning opportunities by working with organizations and working in close collaboration with sponsoring faculty.

Spring 2023 Internships

See stories from our English and Linguistics interns below.

Elsa Howell with Virginia Folklife Program

In my last semester at UMW, I had the pleasure of interning with the Virginia Folklife Program through UMW’s English department. It was an immersive and exciting experience for me as a writer, a poet, and a musician. I would encourage any students who enjoy historic literature, music, poetry, or folklore to apply for an internship with the Virginia Folklife Program.

The Folklife Program gave me professional writing experience by requiring me to write a creative article for their online publication. I felt prepared for this type of professional writing because of my skills learned studying literature and writing conventions at UMW. I had the joy of creative freedom and I got to tell my story from my own perspective.

Two people stand in a green field with a mountain in the background. The text on the image reads: Elizabeth LaPrelle (left) with apprentice Elsa Howell in Rural Retreat, Virginia, March 2023. Photo by Pat Jarrett / Virginia Humanities.

Here is a fun photo of my mentor, Elizabeth, and I at her farm. We were photographed together after an interview!

In addition to a published article, I gained experience during my internship. I learned how to use new computer programs and how to conduct very specific research. I also got to listen to several interviews from the Folklife archive that inspired me to continue writing and creative music. My passion for music and writing have truly overlap perfectly with this internship!

For more information about Elsa’s internship, see:


Brooke Hyatt: Hiring and Marketing Internship with Plato Learning Summer Camps

A person outdoors wearing t-shirt and shorts grins in front of younger people standing in the background. On screen text reads: Engage their creativity. Engage their resilience. Engage their stories. Camp Half-blood is looking for operation directors!

This is a photo of myself from summer camp last year and it was chosen as a marketing photo all spring in our search for staff!

My English major background prepared me for my HR Hiring and Marketing Internship with Plato Learning Summer Camps in several ways. Part of my internship requirements were to analyze job postings and candidate resumes with a critical eye, ensuring that the best candidate for the position was selected. I was able to put my analytical and close reading skills to good use, reading between the lines and determining what skills and experiences were necessary for the role and how to identify potential red flags in candidates. I was fortunate enough to take English courses that taught me how to effectively analyze what lies beyond literature to prepare me for this role.

Additionally, my research skills allowed me to source candidates from a variety of different channels, including social media, job boards, and recruiting events, which I accumulated through the writing requirements of the Major. Another requirement of my internship was to have strong communication skills, skills that were honed in courses such as my Oscar Wilde seminar, and my “Literature of the Great War” class, where I was challenged to dig deep and facilitate sometimes uncomfortable conversations that ultimately led to deeper understanding of the material for all involved.

My interdisciplinary thinking skills have allowed me to approach problems and challenges from different angles, bringing a unique perspective to the team. By combining my English major skills with my HR and marketing internship experience, I was able to make a valuable contribution to the team and develop a strong foundation for my future career.