Alum Kate Leboff ’14 Announces Poetry Chapbook

Portrait of Kate Leboff with long hair on one side, short hair on the other, wearing a striped blue and white shirt with a yellow band over one shoulder.

Kate Leboff 2014 Alum

Alum Kate Leboff, a 2014 English:Creative Writing graduate and Production Coordinator at Cornell University Press, has announced the publication of her first book with Finishing Line Press. It is a poetry chapbook she plans to entitle “Kintsugi” (the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum), based almost entirely of her own life experiences. Among those she thanks in her announcement are her “Creative Writing & Lit professors at University of Mary Washington.”


Monochrome image of a face with closed eyes resembling a marble statue with gold paint in lines across the face as if a sculpture has been reassembled. Text across the image reads: The Japanese art of golden joinery/repair" and "Poems by Kate Leboff."

Draft of the cover to Kingsugi, a poetry chapbook by Kate Leboff.