Internship Experience

Internships are an excellent way to investigate potential career paths, add to your skills, and make contacts.

Learning More about Internships

Detailed information about internship options, including grant assistance for unpaid or underfunded internships, is available at the UMW Center for Career and Professional Development.

You can design your own internship in consultation with the UMW Center for Career and Professional Development staff.

Internship Flexibility

Internships can take place during the academic year or during the summer.

You can earn academic credit for an internship that relates to your field of study, or you can do a non-credit internship.

For-Credit Internships

For-credit internships require you to work with a faculty advisor in the Department of English and Linguistics; together, you will design a plan to make sure your internship offers a good academic experience, not merely job training.

  • For more information about the Department’s guidelines for academic internships, see this page.
  • For a list of past internships and department advisors, see this page.