Carlton R. Lutterbie Outstanding Senior Service Award


The recipient of this award, named for Carlton R. Lutterbie, a faculty member in English from 1967-1988, is chosen by the ENLI faculty each year for outstanding contributions to the Department. This has traditionally recognized outstanding service. Therefore, in 2016, the Department renamed this award the Carleton R. Lutterbie Outstanding Senior Service Award to the Department of English and Linguistics.

Past winners include:

2019-20: Sierra Heiderman

2018-19: James Vaughn

2017-18: Christina Brown

2016-17: Victoria Parent

2015-16: Shannon Birch and Christina Cox

2014-15: Alison Thoet

2013-14: Alesha James

2012-13: Upma Kapoor

2011-12: Helen Alston

2010-11: Julie Dymon

2009-10: Chelsea Newnum

2008-09: Patrick Whelan

2007-08: Courtney McAllister

2005-06: Taylor Ball and Elise Tobin

2004-05: Sarah Kind

2003-04: James Scott and Carly Woods

2002-03: Beth DeRiggi and Michael Lange

2001-02: Alyssa G. Best and Cynthia G. Lotze

2000-01: Brie A. King

1999-2000: Amber C. Tussing and Kalela A. Williams

1998-99:Kristen R. Page

1996-97: Becky Earle

1995-96: Beth McConney

1994-95: Kendra Williams

1993-94: Liz Hockmuth

1992-93: Virginia Shirley

1991-92: Jeffrey Bardzel

1990-91: CoryAnne Harrigan

1989-90: Julie Antolick

1988-89: Edith Kennedy

1987-88:Lianne Wilkins and Lisa M Kilezewski

1986-87: Kristen Brown

1985-86: Christopher P. Zavrel