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Department of English and Linguistics

Jonathan Levin, Chair

Maya Mathur, Associate Chair


The English Program

English faculty strive to inspire in students a love for literature and for writing, to help students develop analytical and critical skills, and to guide students in improving their writing.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English offers courses appropriate to students at all levels. Except for English 295, courses on the 200-level are designed for students from all disciplines. Courses on the 300-level may also appeal to a diverse audience but require a more sophisticated study of texts and more advanced writing. Courses on the 400-level offer a seminar experience in which students study a topic or theme in depth, frequently take charge of class discussions, and produce a major paper or project. To facilitate discussion and individual attention, the department limits enrollment in many classes to 15 to 25 students.

Students who pursue a major in English become familiar with the language, with literary theory, and with a variety of literatures in the language, including works outside the recognized canons. They practice literary and linguistic analysis, and they develop as writers of different modes and genres.

Many juniors and seniors enroll in internships to test classroom knowledge in the outside world and to explore career interests. Juniors and seniors with appropriate academic standing may also elect to pursue individual studies. An increasing number of students choose to study abroad.


Requirements for the English Major

For information on the requirements in the English major, see the University’s undergraduate catalog.

Requirements for the English Major: Creative Writing Concentration

The English Major: Creative Writing Concentration offers students the opportunity to focus on the craft and art of writing, editing, and analyzing their own original work, the work of established writers, and peer writers.

For information on the requirements for the Creative Writing concentration, see the University’s undergraduate catalog.


English Course Offerings

English course offerings are found under the 4 letter code of ENGL in course listings.

For descriptions of English course offerings, see the University’s undergraduate academic catalog.




Antonio Barrenechea

Chris Foss

Teresa A. Kennedy

Eric Lorentzen

Maya Mathur

Marie E. McAllister

Colin T. Rafferty

Gary Richards

Mara Scanlon

Associate Professors

Brenta Blevins

Laura Bylenok

Shumona Dasgupta

Kate Haffey

Benjamin LaBreche

Clarence D. Tweedy

Zachary N. Whalen

Assistant Professors

Ray Levy




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