CDS Majors Present at Conference

Congratulations to Christina Brown, Grace Howie, and Olivia Taylor! These senior Communication and Digital Studies majors recently presented at the Virginia Association of Communication Arts and Sciences. … [Read more...]

Comm Students Publish Paper

Alexander Clegg and John Guidon, under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young, had their paper "Religion in the Media: A Study of Student Perception of Media Bias in Georgia" published in _Metamorphosis_, the undergraduate research journal of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.  Congratulations on this great work! … [Read more...]

COMM students win grant

Congratulations to Alexander Clegg and John Guidon! Under the direction of Professor Elizabeth Johnson-Young, the two CDS majors have been awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant to visit Tbilisi, Georgia in March in association with their joint individual study, “Religion in the Media in Georgia.” … [Read more...]

Dr. Scanlon Presents on Modern Poets

Accompanied by senior English majors Christina Cox, Shannon Birch, and Bailey Meeks, Dr. Scanlon recently attended the H.D. and Feminist Poetics Conference, where she presented the paper "Charlotte Mew, H.D., and the Magdalen: 'what she did everyone knows.'" The paper examined the Magdalen figures in two poems, not only analyzing the representations of their sexual bodies and the visions they enable for male prophets, but also situating the publications in their wartime contexts, in which the crucified Christ becomes a figure for wounded or sacrificial soldiers. … [Read more...]

Undergraduate Research Recognized

All  13 students from Dr. Shumona Dasgupta's seminar English 449N: Partition of India (Fall 2014) were recently accepted to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in April!  Congratulations on your fantastic and important work. … [Read more...]

Dr. Lee Wins Technology Grant

Janie Lee was awarded a President's Technology Advisory Council Innovation Fund Grant. This grant is intended to jumpstart innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and exploration at UMW and Professor Lee will use it to purchase digital audio recorders that will be available to students taking sociolinguistics-related courses.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

And it isn’t long, my pretty. It isn’t long.

DEADLINES APPROACHING for submitting your proposals for internships and individual studies!  Please look above under Guidelines and Forms for details.  Individual study proposals are due to Dr. Lorentzen by Friday, August 30!  Internship proposals are due to Dr. Mathur by Tuesday, September 2! … [Read more...]

Outstanding Undergraduate Research

Student Dylan Lederle-Ensign has had a paper accepted to a professional academic conference, "CODE 2012: A Media, Arts and Games Conference," at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. He will attend with the help of a UMW Undergraduate Research Grant.  Dylan's research has been developed through an individual study and seminar with Professor Zach Whalen.  Dylan presented an earlier version of this paper at the 2012 UMW Research and Creativity day.  Congratulations on this excellent work!   … [Read more...]