UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Our new building!











Construction of the Jepson Science Center addition (above, in the foreground) is proceeding on schedule.  Our department will move into the new space in the Spring/Summer of 2019.  See the latest construction photos (below).

We will occupy two floors of the addition (floor plans below), giving our department more than twice our current space, with new labs for sedimentary geology/climate studies, mineralogy, environmental toxicology, environmental chemistry, geomorphology, hydrogeology, energy resources, and geographic information science (GIS).  We will also have new and well-equipped teaching classrooms and labs.

EESC space on Floor 2 of the Jepson addition (click on photo to enlarge):












EESC space on Floor 3 of the Jepson addition (click photo to enlarge):







Construction photos (click on photo to enlarge):


July 26, 2019.  Moving in!




July 24, 2019.  Almost finished.










October 16, 2018.  Starting brickwork.

September 15, 2015.  A view from College Avenue

August 24, 2018: Looks like a building now.

July 2018: We have  a framework.

April 8, 2018: Prepping the site.


March 2018:  Tearing up the parking lot.