Environmental Science lab and field equipment


Our department maintains field equipment for environmental studies in terrestrial, fresh water, and marine environments, including research boats, soil and sediment coring devices, plankton and insect nets and seines, soil sampling devices, an electronic sub-bottom profiler, and many other materials.

We also possess well-equipped environmental research labs in the Jepson Science Center, and will soon (Fall 2019) possess far more comprehensive facilities in the new Jepson addition (now under construction).  We’ll have new labs in environmental chemistry, toxicology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, climate studies, energy technology, and a computer lab with the latest GIS software.

Our  faculty and students also use Jepson Science Center’s scanning electron microscope (SEM) lab and work cooperatively with UMW’s Biology and Chemistry Departments.  Many environmental science students use those departments’ specialized labs for analysis of biological specimens, stream water, groundwater, soil, and sediment.