What do I do with a Geology or Environmental Geology degree?

Joey and BenTraining in the geological sciences is a good background for students interested in a wide variety of engaging and challenging careers.  UMW geology graduates have found rewarding jobs in the following fields:

  • Environmental and geotechnical consulting
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Mineral exploration and mining
  • Scientific or technical editing
  • Hydrology of groundwater resources
  • Teaching and museum staff positions
  • Local, state and federal government positions in geologic exploration and regulation
  • A geology background is also good training for those interested
    in the growing field of environmental law.

Many of our geology graduates have decided to pursue additional study and have been accepted into top quality Masters and Ph.D. programs, often with Research fellowships or teach assistantships that pay their tuition ad fees and provide a stipend (income) to live on while in grad school.  Here is a partial list of institutions our graduates have attended:

    • University of Georgia
    • Georgia Tech
    • Oregon State University
    • Yale University
    • University of Tennessee
    • University of Alaska
    • Wright State University
    • University of Colorado
    • Texas A&M University
    • University of Aberdeen
    • University of Calgary
    • Columbia University
    • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
    • University of North Carolina
    • University of South Carolina
    • Old Dominion University
    • Ball State University
    • University of Maryland
    • University of Montana